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Annotated bibliography
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Stem cell research gets construed as the analysis involving the development, use, and interference of embryo of human beings. Therefore, the paper gets founded on the annotated bibliography of five articles which help in giving understanding on matters stem cell research. The articles to be discussed also have links for easy retrieval.

Bethesda and Rockville inform of the stem cell having the ability to develop of developing to numerous cell types within the human body during early periods of growth and development. There also exist many tissues which play the role of internal repairs during the early stages of growth and development. The article goes further to inform of stem cell research getting differentiated by two significant characteristics; the first one involves their ability to renew themselves through cell division. The next one gets based on specific experimental or physiologic conditions where they get induced to become organ-specific cells with a particular role.

The second article is authored by Kat, and he explains of the progress made in the growing organs from stem cells to other complex structures. He informs of the generation of small liver buds which have been retrieved from stem cells and reprogrammed to assume the embryonic state. He further tells of the brain organs through the use of two stem cells. According to him, the cells included embryonic and adult cells which are redirected to the starter state. More information pertaining stem cell research unfolds as the article progresses to explaining other human stem cells which are developed from eggs.

Equally important, Michie et al. inform about the quantitative glycolic supervised through an induced pluripotent and the embryonic stem cells through the process of neuronal differentiation. Much of the information contained in the article tackles stem cell research into more excellent details with the revelation of crucial information included in the research. Some of the highlights revolve the amount of bisection type between different embryonic organs among others.

The fourth article gets based on the National Stem Cell Research of Australia, which also gives further details on the various advancement made by Australia in Stem cell research while quoting some of the achievements made in the field of research. The article also informs of the research to offer significant contributions to the knowledge about the stem cells and the abilities of stem cell technologies. It should, therefore, be noted that as the article gives credit to Australian institutions for investing in stem cell research, it also offers particular details pertaining the numerous research activities on stem cell.

Lastly, the final article is authored by Thomas Zwaka and also offer more insight into stem cell research. He informs of the research covering all the aspects which may get derived from the stem cells. The aspects include the tissue-specific stem cells, translational and genomics studies, embryonic stem cells and even the cancer stem cells. Thomas goes further to highlight of the mechanisms that influence pluripotent and offer a detailed description of the pluripotent stem cell margins. Therefore, like other articles, the article also focuses on expanding on the research about stem cells. It also plays a role in simplifying the numerous activities involved during the growth and development stages of the cells. The source thus plays a significant role in providing details which may be needed for further research about the topic of the discussion.


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