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What are some of the experience from your family that has made you become a counselor?

There are several experiences and more so problems in our family that has made to become a counselor and some include, I had a drug-addicted cousin who could do anything so far as he could find any cash to go and buy drugs. This continues to a situation where he was selling all his household property, and it reaches a point where the family gave up, and almost everybody believed that the boys future was just done like that. Our rescue came when the boy was taken to a counselor and even though it took as while he is now one of the most prominent persons in that society and among the best-disciplined individuals. This gave me a motivation that counseling when carried out properly can change the likes of so many wasted people in the community.

Reflect on what a healthy relationship means to you

A healthy relationship can be described from different context; this includes such things like the social relationships, financial issues and also such things like physical and mental issues. A healthy relationship needs a strong, and a perfect relationship between the stakeholders as this will enhance unity and promote peace between them. A healthy relationship is also being described by the financial status of the individual; this is because most of the right or successful relationships have a proper economic or financial back ground. This is described as the backbone of any relationship as it is the way of obtaining almost all the material things that you may require in any given relationship. Another vital and significant determinant of a healthy relationship is the religious background of all the parties involved. This is because where both sides share the same religious background, then there will be increased unity in the same since they will operate from the point of beliefs and doctrines.

Reflect on your parents relationship what are the strengths and the weaknesses

In the reflection of my parents relationship, I must say that there were so many strengths but at the same time must accept the flaws also. Among the power includes a relationship that was formed by a united religious background that has enabled an excellent spiritual growth. In addition to that is a sound financial background which allows them to invests and also to take care, of the family issues and this leads to a wonderful relationship from my point of view.

What are some of the sexual issues that a couple may bring to you that 's hard to deal with,

Several sexual issues are complicated to handle or to deal with and in many cases when search problems are put forward then you have to look for professional ways of handling the problem.

The sex problems are at most of the time linked to difficulties for example when somebody is stressed up he or she may not seem to be in the mood for having sex. Is such situation you have to carefully handle in concern to the main problem that is the stress issue after which you will be a position of convincing the person?

Relieve a time in your life that you self-medicated yourself in the stress issue.

There are several points in life that I have medicated myself about the pressure issue one of which I always take as an n example. It was when I was disturbed about the final year examination which I was sure I didn't do to the satisfaction. And with all these in mind and the result also nearing I was so much stressed that my health status started to change so rapidly. It was now going to be a double problem on my side, and after seeking advice, I choose to medicate myself on the issue, and it helped a lot. Even though at the time of the result I performed relatively average, I was in a good status, and I managed to proceed on very well with life.

Two different position argues that 1, addiction is a predetermination and disease that we can do little about and two addiction is a choice based on our refusal to accept responsibility. Create a dialogue between the two, which one is sympathetic to?

I support the second person who says that addiction is a choice based on our refusal to accept change and responsibilities. This is true because in any case, one will adhere to the good advice or to the counseling of the people who know more about the same the addiction can no longer be an issue. I sympathize with the person who believes that addiction is a predetermination and disease that we can do nothing about.

Describe the cultural, ethnic, religious, gender and also racial influence that has to enable you to shape your identity.

Some of the cultural practices that have made me develop my character are o born in a community that looks down such practices like premarital sex as an abomination to the society, and the whole community has to live to the standard or else you face the consequences.

Also, religious belief has enables me to shape my identification since almost all the religious practices are virtues that can shape someone.


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