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The Big Five personality check provides a person with considerably more understanding of how they respond to various circumstances or scenarios. Career professionals, as well as psychologists, make use of this information in characters career analysis during recruitment and prospect evaluation. I got the opportunity of completing The Big Five personality test, to my delight, the test was very accurate. Precise outcomes were displayed in percentage score on the five character dimensions in comparison to a sample of many other individuals that have completed the "The Big Five" personality test online.

My ratings show the percentage of people who obtained less score as compared to what I did on every single dimension. For instance, my Extraversion percentage score is 25 percent, which implies that just about twenty-two percent of the individuals in the assessment sample is significantly less outgoing than I am, placing me considerably more on the reserved side. "The Big Five" personality proportions help in placement of employees. They use it simply because these percentages are regarded to be the fundamental characteristics which constitute a person's general character. The Big Five traits, commonly known as OCEAN are; Openness for O, Conscientiousness for C, Extroversion for E, Agreeableness for A, and Neuroticism for N.

How my personality influences how I lead and how I follow based on my professional and personal experience.

I was able to do an assessment on the best way I would follow or lead centered on my character results, making use of the OCEAN model evaluating the results and comparing them with genuine life experience. Based on my real life experience, some of the comparisons contradict with my findings. If we take a look at the category O in the results, being a follower or leader, I would personally be the one who doesn't alter things around, one who prefers the conventional way of approaching issues and does not welcome change. In comparison with my own experience, I'm a person who is open to change, and to some extent, I like altering things around. Despite the fact that I would like to approach things in a conventional manner; as the adage goes, 'If there's a better way, it will be found.' I am always open to new opportunities that will help the organization to grow as long as these opportunities don't put my integrity at stake.

In category C, the results point out that I am a person who is neither organized nor disorganized. Centered on these results, as a follower or leader, I would be the one who does not comply with all the regulations. In comparison to my very own experience, I would be considerably precise apart from the fact that I like consistency in all things I do. In the category E; the results point out that I would be a leader or follower who is likely to shy away in social conditions and contrast to my personal experience, I would say that I have never been shy and will never shy away in any social situation. However, I like staying away from conflicts or any circumstances that would certainly interrupt the smooth progression of work.

For category A, the results point out that as a leader or follower I would most likely be one who is accommodating and understanding other people feelings, and in comparison to my own experience and knowledge, this looks correct. I love working with happy people, and if I have to criticize them, I do criticize constructively to make sure that I do not raise unnecessary tension within them. Ultimately, category N claims that as a leader or follower I would be very calm. In comparison to my personal experience, I would indeed state that is a precise reflection of how I would carry myself in the same situation. I am a care-free person who doesn't like too much aggressiveness when undertaking anything.

How I can contribute to effective leadership in my organization as a follower.

Great followers support and enable the leaders whenever they are undertaking the right thing. They endure the leader possessing the bravery to let the leader acknowledge when he or she is executing something unacceptable or advancing in an inappropriate direction. Based on the results, to be a follower that contributes to my organization, I will have to be a person who welcomes change and transformation whenever it happens without any level of resistance. I will have to understand how to get along with individuals who have some differences whilst not overlooking those differences as good followers learn to study people and recognize what annoys them and drives them. I will have to work beyond what I was exactly employed to do.

How I can encourage effective followership in my organization as a leader

To promote followership in my organization as a leader, I will have to be much more ambitious in several situations, be more friendly and improve my interpersonal relationship with my followers. I would listen more to my followers will have to address any future problems in the organization in appropriate time. I will have to be structured in my thinking and actions, although the results mentioned I was not structured nor disorganized. Being organized in my actions will certainly make sure that I am control of a considerably better work flow enabling the company to be more successful.

One personal quality I would like to improve to become a more effective leader and follower.

Because no one values an angry or negative person, I will consider improving my attitude. With the right attitude, I will be on track to the bright side of life. Many people naturally get attracted to individuals with the right attitude. By becoming positive, one leads a comfortable life, as well as being associated with many positive people. I believe that by improving on my attitude as a follower or leader, I will magically catch the attention of exciting offers and opportunities for my organization.

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