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When I was thirteen, Hannah was on an IOU travel team called the cats, and her team had entered a large tournament, which took place in Florida, in a city almost two hours from Orlando. We had to pack a week worth of clothes, and the five of us drove twelve hours from Fishers, in through Orlando. We were very excited; Pat had an iPod that was full of beautiful songs to keep us busy all through the journey. Our fancy socks were colorful and bright just as our faces had been. Hannah and Bella being the eldest they were behind the wheels.

It was ten in the morning when we set out on our journey. Our minivan had enough gas and we were sure to request our parents for extra gas money. We could not hold our joy, and the smiles were very evident from our faces. Pat, Kristy and I, were jumping up and down till we got into the car. Hannah was the driver and Kristy her co-driver. From the look of things, we were all set to set out on our adventure.

The breeze was sweet and minty. I closed my eyes as the breeze flowed past me; the scent was one of a kind. Wow! Exclaimed Pat, as she asserted that Mother Nature had one of the best perfumes. The trees swayed from side to side as they showed their beauty. They too could comprehend the joy in our hearts as we drove past the smooth road. The sky beautifully showed its blue color as the sun shone in its splendor. What a wonderful country this was; the sweet nature was extremely breathtaking.

We were thirty minutes into our journey when Kristy suggested we stop for a while. The different species of birds were a magnificent sight to watch. She had brought her camera along so we could take all the photos we wanted. We could identify the hummingbird, songbird, waterfowl, the mallard, and the house sparrow. The mallard had a beautiful coat of shiny green on her face. Its almost pink legs rhymed well with the green grass. The hummingbird was busy sucking nectar with its sharp beak.

What a beautiful sight this was to behold. The house sparrows were together in flocks they had built their nests on the trees. Kristy was sure to capture most of them in their habitat. We went past the swaying trees, the green grass and the country houses. I could not keep my eyes off the road. We stopped at a convenience store since our stomachs were grumbling. The people there were cheerful. They greeted us heartily as we shared our experiences from the journey.

Hannah bought a lot of snacks enough to feed a full stable of horses. The owner of the store showed us a stream that was just nearby. The water in it was crystal clear we could see our reflections very well. Kristy captured the moment with her camera. The papyrus reeds were soft; the beautiful yellow flowers towered over them. Bella was now on the wheels. Pat took pictures of the horses that were galloping very skillfully. Their fur was a mixture of white and brown.

The hills provided a perfect picture of elegance and poise. The beautiful waterfall released its waters. The view from the minivan was perfect. The stones beneath were smooth. The sight was one to behold and contemplate on it. I could not get enough of it. We then took a group photo and continued with our travel to Orlando.

Finally, through the journey, I learned that taking care of the environment was very vital. The sights were very pleasing to the eyes. Natures scent was one of a kind. We enjoyed every bit of our trip and the stopovers. I could not forget the bird watching. We agreed that it was a journey worth taking over and over again. The whole experience was splendid, to say the least.

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