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Dear Christina,

I hope this letter finds you well. I would like to begin by acknowledging the respectful relationship that has existed between us for the last one year. The relationship between the tenants and the landlord on many occasions is not mutual. However, ours has been built on mutual respect and trust; and that is why I wish to acknowledge it. We have always trusted and respected each other and lived in harmony since I started living in your house.

The main reason writing this letter is to thank you. First, thanks a lot for allowing me to live in your house. I remember, at first, I was not sure if you would let me. I feared that you would find me too young. In fact, I thought you would not even consider my application. However, my fears were allayed as soon as we met. We talked as if we had known each other for a long time. That is when I realized what a warm and kind person you are. You told me that you had no problem letting me into your house and that I should always feel at home. The only thing you told me to promise is that I would respect you and you would respect me too. I cannot forget your words: that respect and trust are earned, and as soon as one can maintain the two virtues, they can live in harmony with others anywhere in the world. You went on to assure me that I should not worry about anything while living in your house; that should I find any cause for alarm, I am welcome to report it to you. You don't know how much of relief this was for me! I knew I was in the right place, and sure enough, ever since I started living in your house, I have always felt comfortable and at peace, as if this is my home.

Also, I would like to thank you for creating a conducive environment for each of us living in your premises. Personally, I find this the most serene place to live since you value peace and serenity. Furthermore, there are five of us in this house, but no one has ever disturbed the other with loud music and unwarranted noise. You have managed to successfully cultivate a culture of respect for others among all of us. This is a big plus as it also helps us live in harmony. Thank you so much for this. Home is where one can relax with minimal disturbance after a long day. You have created a very comfortable atmosphere for me. I can never regret staying in your house. Honestly, if I am told to choose a place to stay, I would not hesitate to choose this place. I highly appreciate your effort in making this the best place ever.

Madam, I cannot forget to thank you for ensuring that this place is ever clean and beautiful. You have always made sure that the hedges are trimmed well, and the lawns are well-mowed. This has become the most beautiful place in the neighborhood. Thank you very much for this. Additionally, you have always ensured that the place is clean. Every day, you get someone to do the cleaning even when some of us think that the place is clean already. I do not and will never take this for granted. It is an effort that is not made by every other landlord. The air always smells fresh. Sometimes, I feel as if I should not go out to the hustle and bustle of life due to the appealing environment. I feel like staying in this compound all through the day. The environment is attractive, and any person who has visited me has acknowledged the beauty of this compound. I am personally grateful because this is the kind of place I ever dreamt of staying. Coupled with the serenity of the environment, this is just a perfect abode. Thank you so much for your tremendous contribution towards this perfection.

Furthermore, your kindness cannot be overlooked. You are so caring. Thank you! I particularly remember this time when I have been severely sick, you took me to the hospital. It was this period that I realized you are a concerned person as you visited more than three times while I was hospitalized. As if this was enough, you took care of me for three days. You cooked for me, did my laundry and cleaned my room. As if that was not sufficient, you allowed my friend, Gabriela, to come live with me and take care of me for a whole month, and you never charged me any extra rent that month. Additionally, you kept on checking on us to ensure we were comfortable. What a show of compassion! I can never find enough to repay your benevolence. You are the most caring and benevolent landlord I have ever come across. Thank you!

Mrs. Landlady the excellent additional services you offer us cannot be compared to any other. As a student, I need the internet more than so many other things. I had even considered the possibility of a budget for the internet. However, I was overjoyed when you told me that there is Wi-Fi in your house and I was not to pay any extra charges for that. You informed me that all I was to pay was rent and that was all. Since I started living in your house, I have had a wonderful experience with the internet. I can access my academic work anytime and chat with my friends and classmates online. The best part is that this internet is uninterrupted. Thank you so much because I can comfortably do whatever I wish to do online without interruption. This has made my studies easier as I can do all my work and research conveniently. Once again, thank you very much for this.

I cannot also forget to appreciate the fact that all this time that I have lived in your house, I have never experienced unwarranted power cuts and water shortages. Power and water are some of the most critical supplies in life. Without electricity, I would not do what I am supposed to do comfortably; especially, because I am only in the house in the evening. When I come back in the evening, I would want to have a warm shower and carry out my responsibilities comfortably. I would want to be at ease as I do my studies, my cooking and anything else I feel must be done. Thank you very much for making my life easy. I have never experienced additional power cuts and water shortages and rationing since I started living here. You have always ensured I am comfortable and I can never take this for granted. Thank you so much, madam.

As I wrap up, I would like to register my sincere gratitude for everything that you have been to me. You have been a caring, compassionate, responsible and respectable landlord. In fact, since I knew you, I have always admired you. To me, you have been all a tenant would ask for. You have ensured we have a conducive environment for each of us in your compound. You have been a wonderful person. Very few landlords in this world would be compared to you. I am so grateful, and I believe that our relationship will continue to grow. Without you, I would be lost. Once again, thanks a lot!


Dorina Muscan,


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