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The embossing moments that people experience make up some of the most memorable events in an individual's life. Despite the fact that we live different lives and thus pass through different experiences majority of us in one way or the other have at least once experienced an embarrassing moment through their life.

In consideration of my case, one of the many embarrassing moments that I can recall and comfortably share with you happened a few years ago while I was still in Junior High School. Before my father started his firm, he used to work for a large organization that had numerous branches within this country. Due to the size of the company and the nature of his work we could not settle in one town since the company used to reshuffle it, employees, regularly, thus we used to regular change schools because we moved a lot. The incident occurred on one Monday morning during break time. On that fateful day, I had eaten three boiled eggs for breakfast thus causing me to experience stomach upset while in class. I did not want to excuse myself since the lesson we were currently having being technical required my full concentration. Immediately the bell signifying the end of the lesson rang I got to my feet and rushed to the toilet. Unfortunately without realizing I entered the girls' restroom.

As I was relieving myself, I had people complain about the foul smell coming from one of the cubicles, and I immediately knew they were talking about me. I intended to lock myself in the cubicle until the group exits the washroom, but It dawned on me that I was in the girl's washroom when one of the girls knocked on the door and asked whether I was fine while I was dressing up. I quickly flashed the toilet and stormed out of the washroom. To make matters worse when I reached out I found a group of girls and boys standing outside the toilet some of them being my classmates started chanting my name while laughing and pointing at me. I realized that I had even forgotten to zip up and so I decided to run away from the crowd.

The news of a new comer who entered the girls' washroom and came out with his trouser unzipped spread like wild fire within the school. As I shyly entered the classroom after the break, everyone busted into a loud laughter including our class teacher who was already in class making me also to start laughing at myself. I was referred to as the the toilet boy' or egg' for some time, and my brother and sister ignored me while we were at school they also made fun of me while at home.

In my defense, I ended up in that situation since my siblings, and I were new students in the school, and thus I was still not familiar with most parts of the school. The experience taught me to be always positive despite the challenges I may face in life since life is not that serious and we all make mistakes once in a while. This event even worked for the best since the popularity I gained from it enabled me to get drafted into the schools main soccer team.

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