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The person I admire has one of the inspiring and life-changing stories. He was born and brought up in one of the poorest families, however; he still managed to rise and become one of the most admired people all over the world. He rose up slowly to be a known anyone in the society who took part in life-transforming political and communal actives. These works describe the individual admire and the rationale for choosing him for the assignment.

The person I admire was one of the most handsome men during his time. He had a slim body with moderate height and a charming smile that made him so admirable by most women. He looked flexible, and it is true that he was flexible in reality. He is the kind of person who would be described by most people as tall and handsome. His smile makes his body size and phase fit perfectly.

My person of choice is knowledgeable. He can rise from abject poverty to become a respectable person in life. Even though his line of work does not require a lot of labor, he still shows intelligence in the way he manages his activities. For a not so well learned man, the ability to lead is a display of high intelligence and stable mind. Capacity to move from an intern to a CEO is not something to recon and makes him show great mental capacity. One of the tutors recognized his mental strength and therefore, offered him a chance to study abroad.

Emotionally, this character had an open mind and was ready to do anything. He shows a jovial mood in all his performances something that greatly inspires many people and changes their perception of dancing. His greatest talent is mastery of his emotion, and therefore he uses the power of the mind to influence lives of people from all scopes of life. Important to note is the fact he was emotionally stable from the childhood. His separation from his family did not affect his state of mind and instead give a platform to learn through personal experience and influence the lives of other people ("Mao's Last Dancer" Li Cunxin returns to the stage", 2017).

He was of good morals, and well behaved in the society. At the age of 11. He is identified and picked for sponsorship to another town. It is always common knowledge that children who come from poor background always have a history of engaging in criminal activities and other evil acts to survive probably just because that is the way of life they live. This character resisted all the influence of engaging in immoral behavior and became an admired man both in his society and the entire globe especially among the sportsmen.

His relationship with other people is admirable. He is expressive, and people get to see his positive side. At his place of work, he succeeds in becoming one of the CEO after a short period. This is probably because of his good social relation coupled with knowledge and skills in his field of study. Good social behavior is also an indicator of good morals.

The choice of the person I admire was arrived at after several considerations and rationales. Foremost, I was seeking for someone with an incredibly humble beginning and an inspiring story. The person chosen began his life at the miserable situation. In his first 11 years, he spent living with his family which was so poor such that they could not even afford the basic need. He is chosen because his story is one many would identify with, a story of someone who went to a foreign land, and full of opportunities to study only to get better opportunities that uplift him in life. An example of someone with a similar storyline is the former president of the United States, Mr. Barrack Obama. In one of his famous speeches, he explains how his fathers father journey to the United States was of significance to his life journey. This is an encouragement to all scholars who are put to achieve their dreams since it reminds them of the extent of possibility that lies before them (""Mao's Last Dancer" Li Cunxin returns to the stage", 2017).

Moreover, the character was chosen because he has a good following especially sportspersons who are touched and inspired by his dancing. His story is told in a movie making him a household name or known person. Ideally, the reason he is chosen is to ensure people get to learn not everything happens in the film. Seeing that sometimes video stories are real is important to appreciate the lives we have and operate like we do have tomorrow ("Li Cunxin: Mao's last dancer changing the minds of our athletes - The Big Smoke", 2017).

In conclusion, the character I admire is Li Cunxin. He is a Chinese native with a story that everyone else would wish to either read, watch or have someone narrate for them. This is a rare person whose life influences many peoples lives.



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