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There is nothing more important than honoring good deeds. In my life as a student, I believe that I have done some good deeds and rendered the sort of service that qualifies me to join the National Honor Society (NHS). To begin with, I have participated in numerous school activities. I played basketball in my ninth year in school. I also played football and tennis in my tenth year. I was particularly engaged in my eleventh year in school, playing football and tennis even as I was a member of the international football and badminton clubs. My twelfth year was equally engaging with the only activity missing being membership to the international football club.

I was intensively involved in extracurricular activities. For my tenth and eleventh years, I worked for Color Pack Ltd where I was an online shop attendant. I learnt many things. For example, I learnt how to put the items on sale mostly phones on Taobao website. I also got to know how to use Photoshop to edit the pictures before putting them up for display. I also took part in delivering products once customers had placed an order for them. It was a wonderful and insightful experience. In my eleventh year in school, I took part in two more activities: Gleetown and Speaker Family. Gleetown was a small community service initiative in China whose impact was disproportionately huge. Work at Gleetown involved researching and developing lessons for local students in Fujian. Courses covered ranged from History, Economics, Environmental Science, technology, teamwork, self-expression and self-knowledge. They were both technical and general. The courses were structured in such a manner that they offered technical skills while also inculcating additional important values like creativity and self-reliance. Besides teaching, we went further to interact with students and parents to have a deeper understanding of their lives outside the school setting. Regarding Speaker Family, I worked as an assistant for an American teacher in China. My task was to help in teaching English as a second language to Chinese students.

I was not just a team player; I led in several instances too. For example, I was the treasurer of the international football club in my eleventh year in school. During the Gleetown community service initiative, I served as a group leader, offering overall guidance when it came to designing the structure of courses as well as community outreach activities. Throughout these initiatives, I worked closely with adult supervisors to ensure that my output was at its maximum level. During Gleetown, I was supervised by Yvonne Zheng while during Speaker Family, my supervisor was David Johnson.

I am proud of what I was able to accomplish from my ninth to twelfth year in school. I learnt a lot through my participation in the various school, extracurricular and community service activities. The Gleetown experience was particularly eye-opening. It was an honor to interact with and help students learn how to be self-reliant a particularly important skill in todays rapidly changing world. For the above reasons, I submit that I am an ideal candidate for consideration to become a member of the National Honor Society. It would be an opportunity to learn from other members even as I seek to offer my expertise and experience in making the organization a better place where acts of honor are celebrated, praised and encouraged.

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