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Robert Angier: A careful analysis of the character of Robert Angier played by Hugh Jackman reveals a character who is best described by the three adjectives: loving and caring, vengeful and narcissistic. The loving and caring nature of Robert Angier is best depicted when he reveals a secret he had so guarded while in prison in exchange for his daughters safety. His vengeful nature manifests in the movie when he does all he can to frame Alfred Borden for his wifes death. Despite the fact that he is loving and caring, his narcissistic tendencies are well depicted in his obsession with beating Borden by all means. He even embarks on non-conventional means to outshine his rival, Borden.

Alfred Borden: Christian Bale plays the character of Alfred Borden in the movie The Prestige. He can best be described by the three adjectives, secretive, ambitious and callous. Christopher Nolan brings out the secretive nature of Borden through Sarah, his wife, who feels that Borden was hiding something from him hence leading to a breakdown in their relationship. Just like Angier, Borden is ambitious and would do anything just to make his case as the greatest magician known. It is this ambitious nature that pits him into deep rivalry with Angier in the movie. In addition to his ambitious nature, Borden comes out as callous and insensitive towards other peoples feelings. One case where this is depicted in the movie is his decision to start an affair with Olivia without putting into consideration of Sarahs feelings.

Cutter: Cutter is ingenious, emotional and truthful. Cutters ingenious is evident in the film The Prestige based on his role as the stage engineer. He has worked with some of the greatest magicians such as Milton and Angier and his role is unparalleled. His emotional side is depicted when he feels disgusted by Angiers obsession and embarks on a plan to stop him. As a result, Cutter agrees to help Angier dispose the machine in the private theater. In addition, Cutter is truthful as can be seen in the film when he agrees to testify how Borden had pushed the water tank under the trap door in his quest to kill Angier during the Transported Man Trick.

Julia McCullough: She is Angiers wife and can best be described as loving, passionate and daring. Her loving nature is best revealed through the character of Angier, who uses the death of his loving wife as the cause of the great rivalry between him and Borden. She is also passionate about magic as she is depicted working alongside famous magicians such as Milton. This describes her passion towards magic, to the extent of getting married to a magician. Her daring nature is revealed when she embarks on a riskier magical act that culminates to her death.

Sarah Borden: She is Bordens wife and can best be described by the three adjectives, loving, insecure and emotionally weak. Her loving nature is best depicted in her commitment towards her marriage with Borden leading to the birth of one child. She is however insecure in the relationship. Nolan depicts this in the instance when she feels that Borden was hiding something from her. It is a culmination of her insecure nature that sends her into fits of depression. This brings out her emotional weakness when she succumbs to depression and commits suicide after learning of Bordens affair with Olivia.

Olivia Wenscombe: Loving, conniving and loyal. Her loving nature is best depicted in the film when she confesses her love for Borden despite being threatened and confronted by Angier. She is conniving as can be seen in her decision to revamp Bordens plan despite being hired to work as a spy by Angier. Her loyalty to Borden is without doubt as can be seen in the manner in which she works alongside Borden to overcome Angier.

Jess Borden: Loving, passionate and secretive. Her love for his father is evident in the film as she takes time to visit him in prison. In addition, she is depicted as passionate towards magic as can be seen in how she showed a keen interest in magic as a young girl. Borden teaches her little tricks about magic and she seemed to be enjoying. More so, she is highly secretive. This is a trait that had been inculcated in her by her father, Borden. She does not reveal the secrets told by her father to anyone.

Nikola Tesla: He is knowledgeable, secretive and truthful. The movies allusion to the real Nikola Tesla shows that Tesla is extremely knowledgeable in his craft. He is able to build the time machine. His secretive nature is evident in the manner in which he is able to conceal the secret of the time machine in the film. Besides, the truthful nature of Tesla is evident in the manner in which he is able to inform Borden about the cloning machine that he had built for Angier.

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