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Jazz music makes me want to do two main things in life, and this entirely depends on the mood of the music. It gives me the feeling of letting the music run through me while relaxing, and sometimes I dance all over when the music is played. For the mentioned reason I watched the online concert entitled Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Jazz Center Orchestra @ The BBC Proms 2004. The concert was held at on Saturday, July 31 at a Royal Albert Hall and it started at 10 pm. The performers are Wynton Marsalis, Herlin Riley, Eric Lewis the panelist, Ron Westray, Sean John, Carlos Enrique, and Jennifer Sanon, a recent graduate vocalist. Wynton Marsalis is a music educator, a trumpeter, and a director at Lincon Center who was born in 1961.

The drumming and music that is played are Evolution of the Groove, Tijuana Moods, A Prelude to a Kiss, He drinks and gambles and, he treats me awful mean. The music is played in sections, and the instruments include trumpets, piano, guitars, drums and saxophones. The concert is captivating because of the powerful drums and the persuasive effects from trumpet-mute stamping and heavy drums by Riley.

The tempo of the music is large at some time and in other instances slow. At the peak of the music, the tempo becomes very fast or in other words presto. The rhythm of the beats is consistency and pulses as the music pulse. The meter is in line and reoccurring in a pattern. The texture of the music is homophonic because the lines of the music presented sound at the same time.

The performers introduced the music was outstanding throughout the concert. At the first section, the band is led by Marsalis and Riley, and it is the best-performed piece of Evolution of the Groove. Marsalis and Riley are the strongest members of this band, and their work is excellent. This part is an interesting part since it is just associated with blowing trumpet and drumming. Jennifer Sanon performance is very pleasing with her sweet voice. Riley plays the piano in the manner that no one can imagine. He played it musically and rhythmically, and I enjoyed listening to the mixture of these sounds.

The pieces of the concert that was most moving for me was the first and the second sections. The first section is a five-section drum concert lead by Marsalis which involves tremendous trumping and drumming. The piano sound is in line with the rhythm, and the sounds made me enjoy every part of these sections. The second section is from Congo in Africa and is very captivating. The band with foot trumpet-mute effects is very persuasive as the sound are in assonance. The heavy sound of the foot drums makes the Jazz music thrilling and makes me enjoy when they pause at the same time.

In conclusion, Jazz music performance by Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Jazz Center Orchestra @ The BBC Proms 2004 made the prom day enjoyable that night. The drumming and piano were the best part of the performance. Jennifer sound is the best, and the rhythm of the drums, piano and other instruments are in agreement. I would invite my friends and family members to attend such a concert because they would just relax and enjoy beautiful sounds from the band.


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