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The paper explores of the similarities and difference between the two religions that is Sikhism and Islam.


Islam is believed to have been founded in Arabian Peninsula thus an Abrahamic kind of religion. Sikhism, on the other hand, is believed to have been based in the subcontinent of Indian and it's a Dharmic religion. The two religions have similarities and differences.


Both Sikhism and Islam religions are monotheistic.

In that, both religions, their concept of God is that God is one. For Sikhs, they would call their God Waheguru to refer to their meditation upon the god of being a wonderful god or use words as Rama. Muslims refer to Allah to mean God is one, all-knowing and close to them. The two religions both submit to God and use the numeral 1 in signifying Gods' universality. The concept of God for Sikhism is similar to that of Islam. For instance, in Islam Quran, it is written God created all and is over all things. On Sikhism Guru Granth it reads He created all and watches over us.

Both Religions do not worship Idols.

Both reject the worship of idols and claim it's a wrong way to worship because it seems like they have forgotten the Primal Lord. To the Muslims and Sikhs, both believe worshipping an Idol as being useless as their work is wasted in vain and is fruitless. Sikhism and Islam belief Idol worship as an illusion that people want not to be held accountable for their actions in the next life. Their religious books criticize worshiping of Idols to describe them that are inhabitants of hell happen to be those who praise Idols. The two religions also believed Idol worshipping to be an offensive act to Allah as Allah viewed Idols as a distraction to Islam taking care of the needy which happens to be the central accountability of Muslims. The two religions vehemently opposed the worship of Idols because their faith had the entity conception of God as the only creator worth their devotion. The Islam Quran quotes the only creator worth of prayer to be only Allah because it's he who created all things in the universe out of nothing.


Equality amid all human beings

Sikhism religion believes all are equal before Gods eyes regardless their religion, sex, color, caste, race or creed. The Sikhs believe we are all Gods children and should live as one with love for each other. The Sikhism religion enlightens of equality, humility, and ways to live a peaceful life. The Sikhs believe that we all are created in one light of God to exist therefore if we all originate from a similar creator then no person is to be referred good or bad. On the other hand, the Islam religion teachings are that only a Muslim who believes in Mohammad as the last prophet that seems to be superior to other human beings. The Quran quotes the faithful men and women to be friends of one another because they obey God, forbid any evil and are constant in prayer. The Islam may teach that all races are equal but the excerpt from the Quran quotes all humankind to be from Adam and Eve and no person has the superiority over the other except by good deeds or piety.


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