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Discussion 1-2-1 Value of the Humanities

Do you agree or disagree with the ideas presented by Nicholas Kristof and Jaweed Kaleem on the value of the humanities? Explain why or why not

I come to an agreement with Kaleem and Kristof on these values of humanities. The reason of my agreement can be summed up using an excerpt in the article that states, "We need people conversant with the humanities to help reach wise public policy decisions, even about the science." In our contemporary world, humanities impact on us to always ask right questions when we supposed to make concrete decisions that govern us. In itself, humanities are significant since it also instills in us the way forward when it comes to developing soft skills that we apply in our day to day affairs. Thus, with efficient people who think morally and possess technical expertise that is superb, our potential life will be maximized fully.

2-2-1 Short Answers: Ethical Concerns

Finally, respond to the following short answer prompt. Imagine you are a lead social science researcher and responsible for approving students proposed research studies. Review the three sample proposals below and provide brief feedback to summarize any ethical concerns you have related to each of the proposals based on what you know about ethical codes and expectations in the social sciences.

Racial Predisposition

It is clear to state that race isn't a stout indicator of tendency aligned to violent crimes. By combining ethnicity and race to maintain that biological race is correlated directly to criminal behavior can be viewed as an inadequate and naive conclusion. Thus, this statement is misleading in its totality. The aspect of social discrimination propositions enough speculations under this subject, let alone the visible difference in education levels, income stages and demographic factors that represent these different races. In my view, the factors might be the leading course for any criminal activities. Thus, it is impossible to state that race is prone to violent crimes being committed.

Proposal 2: Electroshock Therapy

Embracing electroshock as therapy is inhumane to start with. Alteration of behavior is evident, but such behaviors are compellable. Deciding to detriment another, let alone a preteenager or adolescent with disciplinary concerns, may worsen the situation for these individuals. This kind of therapy applied to them will be unsustainable. Dealing with these peoples' disciplinary concerns itself is complicated. Thus an efficient and working therapy used to them, in the long run, is all that everyone is aspiring.

Proposal 3: Health Problems, Social, economic Status, and Diet

People who are ranked lowly in the society are subscribed to a social, economic situation that is marginal. These characters lack proper access to healthcare. In most instances, they work under worse conditions and in long hours. With such conditions of stay, they are exposed to antagonizing health problems. Thus, any food that is of low quality partaken by them is of less significant to their health hence by stating that the primary cause of their health concerns is the cheap and low-quality food they take is ethically inappropriate.

2-4-1 Short Answer

After going through the readings that we have been studying in class, I feel humanities is that part of being of comprehending other people. The aspect of humanities is shown through education, feelings or even through embracing some objects.

Identify your chosen artifact

The song Imagine which was sung by John Lennon is my artifact. The song was released in October 1971 by Vinyl production.

Describe the artifact in detail using any applicable senses mentioned in the overview

The mellow piano and calming voice of John Lennon in the background of the song is soothing to the ears thus resulting to peace in our hearts. The song itself gives us the feeling of happiness and hope in our lives.

What are the elements of the artifact that you believe are the most important to how you experience it? Does the choice of medium impact your experience?

The elements that are important in this song are the drums, voice, and piano. The piano brings the peaceful and soft parts of the melody. Drums too are integral when they are introduced in the last part of the first verse. These drums add subtle beats that are strong hence bringing out brightly the message in the whole song as humble and appetizing. John Lennon's vocals in the song are slow but sweet. They add the effect of a bit of sadness in the song. With a combination of these three elements, they bring out the sweetness of this beautiful piece of the song.

State your opinion on what you believe is the purpose of this artifact and the success of the creator in achieving the purpose

From this song Imagine by John Lennon, I feel he is talking about peace. I say so because of the state under which the world we reside in is. It is filled with conflicts, war and even hates. Thus, Imagine song takes us back some memory lane that if we could imagine how our world will be without hate, war, and conflicts, it could have been wonderful.

The song was created and released in 1971, so many artists have sung and performed this song on stage across the world with others translating it to many different languages. Because of this, I believe that John did well in coming out with a meaningful song that touched many people with its message and purpose.

Discuss how the artifact reflects the culture in which it exists. Be sure to address what aspects of culture have relevance for this artifact: politics, history, religion, social perceptions, technology, media, education and so on. In other words, how do the artifact and culture interrelate?

John Lennon created this song in the 1970s when a lot was happening worldwide. We had by then the emergence of religious cults, strikes in most countries, UK economic crisis, and even Vietnam War. All the above mentioned happening impacted the world negatively, hence this song was seen to bring some cleansing and awareness to the world of the importance of trying to solve the conflicts and living a world of peace. The conflicts were to be a thing of the past hence the song gave everyone hope of coming together and imagining living the world without all those conflicts.


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