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Characters and Actors

The hidden figures film has the most positive reviews even from critics, and this has more to do with the criteria on which this movie is developed. The main character in the film is Katherine, an African American mathematician. Other leading actors in include Mary, Dorothy, and Christine. These are persons who engineered space science, even ensuring the first space mission was a success. The actors play roles previously thought to be a reserve for men and all white, educated individuals. However, that is defined when the main characters turn out to be women, and one of the most important being a woman of color. The actors do an exemplary work, amusing even their doubters within the agency. There are so many other characters in the film which provide supportive and supervisory roles, making the whole film more enjoyable as they jointly work together to come up with something worthwhile at the NASA.

Plot and Dialogue

Katherine starts the film in a starring role working as a mathematician alongside Mary Jackson, an engineer and other support staff including Dorothy and Christine. The script is initially set up in Virginia. The team works and successfully launching a space satellite. Following this success, the management at NASA feels it's time they worked to have American travel to space, having seen the possibility. They then pick on Katherine and tells her to utilize her mathematics skills to help another team working on sending an American to space. Katherine becomes the first black woman to join a team of predominantly white people, in a workspace that even did not have washrooms for non-whites. Katherine joins a team that is dismissive of her skills, and even at some point, her senior dismisses her ability. However, as fate would have it, at some point, she joins a team and solves a complex problem that leaves everyone impressed.

Katherines ability changes a lot in the work space. At one point her boss finds her absent in the office, on inquiry he finds out she had walked almost a mile away to use the bathroom for people of color, agitated he abolishes the racism in the office. Katherine also starts to be included in the meetings. A lot of changes keeps happening, but the team later launches space shuttles successfully, utilizing the mathematical and engineering knowledge for the key players. They are then given senior roles, and even others are honored in presidential events.

Everything that happens in the plot above follows a lot of dialogue, especially in the aftermath of abolishing the existence of white only bathrooms. There is a constant back and forth dialogue between the man characters and other senior managers like Harrison, Vivian, and Karl, all playing important roles in the agency. At some point, Mary tries to have a conversation with her bosses to allow her to go back to college and complete her engineering degree, but she initially fails to get permission before she proceeds to court, where she is granted permission. Katherine also holds dialogue from her seniors, who initially dismissed her before discovering her capabilities were above board and critical to the success of various projects at the NASA.

Music, Lighting and Cinematography

The light of the motion pictures in the whole film does not alter a lot the original appearance of the characters. However, in the setup, almost every character appears behind something. It is a movie set out of epic women, and the greatest cinematography is seeing them pass through something, coming from behind to stand on the front.

All along there is background soundtrack that gives the film it's original ecstatic feeling. There are so many soundtracks, and each matches the precise moment of the movie, but one thing stands standard, all of them rhyme with the plot at any particular moment.


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