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Why the Florentine Medici family was important to Renaissance art

The Medici family also got construed as the house of Medici was the first to acquire riches and political powers in Florence around the 13th century. The family was, therefore, important to the Renaissance art based on their already acquired political powers. They ruled over the city of Florence during the entire period of Renaissance based on the partnership made between arts and humanism. The family was also important since it assumed the role of wool merchants and bankers which got drawn as instrumental during the time.

What happened in Florence culturally and artistically during the Early Renaissance?

Culturally, Florence grew to a greater extent due to the cultural exhibitions and art festivals. A good example got drawn on the summer music, cinemas, dance and even theatre which improved because of the Early Renaissance. There existed numerous outdoor cinemas in the city with the primary objective of promoting culture. An example gets drawn on the grounds of the old villa which is characterized by film projection on the villa facade. Artistically, Florence made positive steps. It acquired palaces and numerous squares thus appearing like a museum. Other squares like the Piazza Della depicts famous fountains and statues. The Early Renaissance also made it seem like the city of many indoor pleasures because of the uniqueness it offered to the people. The chapels, galleries, and museums exhibited endless treasures which made happy the occupants. Therefore, it is correct to conclude that Early Renaissance brought numerous positive impacts to the city of Florence as opposed to the negatives as justified in the case of culture and art. The ideas credited on matters culture and art primarily came from the engagement with the Italians whose art at the time had already been developed.

Why the Renaissance period is important in the development of Western art

Renaissance gets construed as the period in western history when art as part of the traditional culture got revived. It thus comes out as important in the development of western art due to its level of astounding architectural and artistic production. Most of the works which got produced during the period continue to capture the imagination of the public due to the numerous lessons they guaranteed. Therefore, Renaissance gets important in the development of Western art based on its astounding nature and the lessons which get carried along to assist in addressing current challenges.

Names of artists' discussed in class with their most significant works and important contribution to the development of Early Renaissance art

The artists include Giotto Di Bondone, Masaccio, Ghiberti ADN Brunelleschi and Donatello. The greatest work of Giotto gets noted on the decoration of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. He contributed to the development of Early Renaissance through his great paintings which are celebrated to date. Masaccio also gets depicted to deliver the three-dimensional works of art and coming out as a Renaissance master. He also contributed to the development of Renaissance through the great paintings. On the other hand, the most significant work of Brunelleschi is based on the architecture of the Dome of Santa Maria. He contributed to the development of Renaissance through the development of sculptures which later formed part of Early Renaissance. The last discussion gets portrayed on Donatello whose greatest work revolves the bronze statue of David. He also contributed to the development of Early Renaissance due to his celebrated artistic works.


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