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Am a believer that every individual is unique and intelligent in their special way especially young children. Intelligence could vary amongst the children, but their full potential could only be achieved when they are put in a conducive environment that develops and motivates their intelligence. They need an environment that will grow them socially, intellectually, psychologically and even physically(Seldin & Annis,1997). Children are also unique in how they think and grasp concepts. Each has a different idea to bring to the table. As a teacher, I am held with a responsibility to the children to ensure the environment I provide is conducive to sharing of ideas, supports the taking of risks and allows the curiosity of a child make them intelligent. I believe three elements make an environment conducive for such development in a child. One is allowing the curiousness of a child be his motivation to learning new things, as a teacher is a guide not a source of information and finally ensuring respect is gained from all people. Am also a believer that the children are our future.

In allowing the childs curiosity develop their motivation for learning and achieving their set goals. The curriculum revolves around the intelligence of a child. The children are all different in what they like and their achievements, therefore, I teach each child as a different individual. To ensure each child contributes to a lesson and their ideas considered I encourage discussions in my class. The idea that the children come up with gives one more idea even as a teacher. When the children are encouraged to contribute, they become more attentive in classes, research beforehand so that they equally have something relevant to contribute like everyone else. Children contributing to a class curriculum made them feel important and acknowledged and motivated them to achieve their set goals. Interactive class segments appreciate the idea of each child. If they are wrong, then I can know where they are thinking different and how to bring them back to the topic that is relevant. The interactive session makes me as a teacher know each childs weaknesses in a certain area and how best to help them. Some children are fast at getting concepts, and others are slower, therefore, need more attention given. When the child is motivated to learn it becomes easier to engage them and grasp concepts that seem hard.

I also act as a guide to the children not a source of information(Apter,1973. The attitude of a teacher is a guide when putting into the children makes them research more on the topics we discuss in class. The children become encouraged to do study work at home and go to the library and read more books. The children are also encouraged to have study groups on their own to teach each other concepts that the other does not understand. When they do so, they develop both socially and intellectually as I as the teacher only correct their ideas and additional information that they may have missed. Each child has a sense of pride as they see themselves as a source of information too unlike being a learner only. In class, the basis of discussions is based on what the children think about certain topics. Teaching becomes easier when the children are aware of what you are teaching; therefore, their ability to capture information is heightened due to their motivation. There is also minimal reluctance to involve in-class assignments or duties because they feel they are part of a group and are appreciated just like everyone else, therefore, would not like to let down the rest of the class.

Lastly, ensuring that there is an environment that has much respect. Most people look down on the younger ones only expecting respect from them(Seldin & Annis,1997). The ideology is wrong because a child also requires respect from other people. In class, I insist on the importance of each class activity to show the children that their time and attention is appreciated and their presence respected. The respect given to children makes them, confident and makes them able to reach out more. They become risk takers and try out new things because of the confidence instilled in them. By giving each child attention they require, they develop a sense of self-importance which develops to self-respect. This also generates to respecting other people in the society. When respect is two ways, the children grow socially as they interact well with other people. It is easier to teach children that have respect for themselves and the teacher because they take instructions efficiently and therefore conflicts in class are minimal to ensure the time given for each lesson is taken full potential of. Each class has a new learning experience for each child, and they can grasp information given to them as they are considered individually. They are also ready to live in a conducive peaceful environment.

The children also have different unique qualities. They are also different in how they think. As a teacher, I am certain that the children are the key to a brighter future. When they bring up ideas in class, the ideas open my eyes on how they think different from us grown-up people. When these ideas are encouraged and nurtured till they mature, children could be a sense of pride to both parents and the community. They are the future of this generation in how they think and develop their ideas. In class, each suggestion is taken into consideration and sometimes the curriculum changes if their suggestions seem to work more than the set curriculum. The curriculum should be based on a childs interests and goals they want to achieve as individuals. When these goals are met, then the children are certainly a great future for us. The children risk taking abilities, and their confidences in doing so is also an assured that they are the future because they are not afraid to fail and still try again. Resilience is brought out to the children when the curriculum is friendly and grows them.

As a teacher, I find children fascinating, and they motivate me to teach them every day. I believe one should have a passion for children to understand them. When one is not passionate about the children, one could easily get discouraged by their antics and give up easily on them. The children take time to assess new individuals and may take time before they give you respect. The teaching process has also been a learning experience for me. I am more aware that besides an education the children also have individual needs that need to be looked upon. I look at each child as a different entity with their own set goals different from the other children. The teaching career needs a person with patience just like I do because children are different and require different caring. Children could sometimes be hard to understand and are influenced easily by things that are going on around them. Their attention easily shifts from one thing to another; therefore, one should develop ways in which to maintain the focus of the children through each class. Every day is encouraged to be better, and I am motivated to be the best educator as I learn how the childs psychology is different from ours.

Part B

Flipped classroom

A flipped classroom is a set up in which the traditional way of learning is reversed. The strategy involves what was considered traditionally as homework to be made classwork as students learn by watching prerecorded online lessons, doing discussions with other students online and do their research at home. They only come to school to engage in their concepts with the help of a mentor.

In the regular set up school, the teacher would teach concepts in class and the students each with different grasping abilities would listen. One of the students who is a fast learner would listen and get the concepts easily while another would get bored in during class and stop listening to the teacher(Tucker,2012).. Another student would entirely not understand what the teacher meant and therefore get discouraged to pay attention. The teacher would give the three students homework which would be done at home to assess the childs knowledge. The first child would easily go through and get done with their homework with no hitches as they grasped the concept. The second would face challenges and need assistance maybe from the parents, and they would understand the idea of where they missed out in class. The third student would be wholly discouraged from attempting to do the homework because they did not get what the teacher was teaching in class.

In a flipped class model, the children learn concepts at home(Milman,2012).. They access the internet and get prerecorded learning sessions by their teachers. This enables each student to learn at their own pace. The first child would sail through the learning process since they are fast learners while the second would not get bored because they can fast forward through the easy parts that they already know. The third child will also not be frustrated as they can pause and rewind the recording if they do not grasp a concept immediately. The online learning also allows discussion amongst the students online. When they get to a class set up the teacher, instead of standing in front of a classroom walks around to each child. The first will engage in discussions with other students to grasp the concept well while the second, the teacher will introduce more challenging problems developing their intelligence. The third student, the teacher explains more on the concept and makes it, even easier to grasp.

Conditions essential flipped classroom

For flipped classrooms to work some essentials need to be there for it to work. The essentials needed are resources to deliver content, teacher to facilitate learning and an environment that is student-centered.

The resources to deliver flipped classroom include computers and prerecording material. Each student requires to having computer and access to the internet to acquire lessons and have online discussions(Abeysekera,&Dawson 2015). There is also need to have recording materials that the teacher can use to record lectures and classes. The prerecorded materials should have the curriculum of the children too. There should be engaging segments like question answer sessions where the student can answer so that the next concept in a lesson is introduced.

There is also the requirement of a professional teacher who is aware of how a flipped class works. The teacher should be able to record sessions that each child will understand and learn from. They are also responsible for making the children become more motivated and do their research on the concepts they learn. Each child has different goals and ambitions, and as a professional teacher, the child should be nurtured according to those aspirations. There are also students that need more attention than others as they are slower at grasping concepts. Therefore, an educator should ensure they get the concepts regardless.

To fully explore the potential of a flipped classroom, there is need to create a conducive environment that is a student-centered. The students are allowed to give in their ideas and demonstrate how they have understood concepts. The students are motivated to show how they understood concepts in their way making them more creative. The teacher moves on to another task when all the children have understood the previous ones and can answer questions on the same.

To what extent can you implement the flipped classroom in the Malaysian setting.

In the Malaysian setting, the flipped classroom when introduced was undermined by a lot of factors ranging from cultural to social setups the Malaysian people have. We look at the challenges faced and how well to make the flipped classroom work despite the problem faced.

Culture orientation is one hindrance t...

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