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A course that is successful depends on the planning that comes before it. A systematic process helps one structure and plan their syllabus to reach desired goals although courses can vary in subject matter, size or level. Almost all design models rest on a couple of standard assumptions, while also sharing some common elements. The following essay aims at explaining how I experience the process of course design and how it impacts my studies as a learner.

One of the clearest points is that one should teach with a purpose. The two main components being a set of learning outcomes and rational, I should be ready to address the general goal that the course is sending while also putting in mind what the students are supposed to learn. The statement further shows that tutors should not put up a curriculum before knowing what the students are expected to know and have the ability to do it at the end of a program or course.

There are decisions that instructors are supposed to make when generating such a plan. Content should be derived from a recognized body of knowledge. The course planner should be having enough knowledge of the proposed content of the course. Some of the steps that should be taken are writing down ideas, making a list of ILOs and prioritizing the ILOs.planners are supposed to start by listing ideas about subjects that will be covered in a course. The intended outcomes should be stated as the ideas developed to guide instructional planning, communicate the studying goals and give a basis for developing signs of success. The results desired in college can be effective, cognitive or psychomotor skills (Posner & Rudnitsky, 2009). I should know how to use facts and concepts, as well as emotions and attitudes.

Planning can be divided into three areas; deciding stuff to be learned, knowing what is to be learned and making a decision on how to help in the learning process. College instructors sometimes tend to avoid the second part, as they assume that the education field has justified grounds. That leads to the instructors being pressured to be serious about their rationale for learning and governing skills about educational reason can have a bigger awareness of implicit assumptions that help course planning (Posner & Rudnitsky, 2009). Starting with learning outcomes may prove to be difficult for me, as I will focus first on the principles and concepts of my field when am planning a course and that should make me aware of the design of a course.

People differ in ideas about the evaluation of a course layout. It focuses on measurement of achieving the primary learning outcomes that go hand in hand with the previously specified learning outcomes. Evaluation is viewed broadly, which includes assessment of student learning and course evaluation, that leads to improvement of an academic plan. However, I agree that course designers are supposed to think early about the assessment of students (Posner & Rudnitsky, 2009). Knowing how to determine what is acceptable to a students understanding will significantly impact my learning.

In conclusion, I believe that the particular framework being used to guide course activities is not more important than the process of getting involved in reflection and analysis. Reflecting on the design of academic plans has two advantages; it challenges instructors to know the exact content and appropriate instructional methods and promotes attention to relationships between instructors planning decisions and students strategies. Design processes show that the steps in planning are varied and the goal is not compliance, but establishing a systematic approach to course design



Posner, G. J., & Rudnitsky, A. N. (2009). Course design: a guide to curriculum development for teachers. Boston : Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.

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