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Subcultures are the groups that have similar values and norms that are different from those held by the majority of individuals in society. The expression of society through beliefs and material things are what makes up a particular culture. In any society, many subcultures play different roles and responsibilities. Some of the subcultures that exist include students and debt collectors. This paper compares and contrast students and debt collectors different roles and responsibility. Addition, the paper provides different functions played by debt collectors and students.

In order to contrast the different roles played by students and debt collectors, it is imperative first to consider or acknowledge the key duties of student subculture group and debt collectors subgroup. While engaging any student, it is imperative to comprehend that their fundamental duty in any education setting is learning. To students, learning is paramount and must thus be involved in all processes that lead to learning. In order to learn, students have to maintain meaningful involvement through the stated learning goals, sustained deep reflection and meaningful action. Debt collectors, on the other hand, have one key duty- recovering money that is owed din delinquent accounts. In a society, a debt collector is normally hired by firms of specific individuals for a percentage or fee of the total amount that collected. A debt collector has the responsibility of tracking down individuals who owe money. The process is usually done by email or phone.

To perform their duties and responsibilities, both students and debt collectors must possess some skills and requirements. First, students must have excellent listening skills. Most of the information that students get is through lecture materials in lecture halls and sometimes recorded information. It is imperative that students are good listeners. Additionally, most of what they learn is taught verbally in classrooms. Debt collectors on the other hand also have to be good listeners. This is because when speaking to debtors, it is vital to comprehend why they are in debt. Proper listening enables a debt collector to determine the possible solution. Listening skills are some of the communication skills that both debt collectors and students should have. Debt collectors should be in a position whereby they can negotiate terms and conditions for the repayment of leans. Students, on the other hand, should be able to negotiate their needs in the classroom. Some of the requirements that students may negotiate include adaptive technology format, language interpreters, negotiate deadlines, and how to access accommodations. The other similarity between debt collectors and students is persistence. In order for students to be successful, the need for persistence in terms of education is required. Debt collectors need to be persistent in their daily activities. Most debtors in most instances do not want to be found. Some may even be unresponsive when they are contacted.

There are also numerous roles and responsibilities that debt collectors differ from those of students. A debt collector has to prepare oneself through different methods in order to earn a living. The principal duty of students is to avail themselves to learn. Debt collectors, on the other hand, have to contact debtors. Debt collection is a form of living whereas students is not a profession.

Some of the roles that I play as a student is the adherence to school policies, procedures, and deadlines of accessing services and accommodation. In school, I am responsible for ensuring that all of my colleagues do have the necessary materials that they need in terms of their education. I am responsible for informing the students the deadlines, and any changes in procedures. The second role that I play as a student is one of lobbying. Student leadership is one aspect that I take seriously. I feel that as a leader it is my responsibility to influence policymakers, politicians, legislators and the other individuals who work for them. This is also, where negotiation skills and listening skills are fundamental.

The most vital aspect of skill or role that a debt collector plays is one making reports to consumer reporting companies. The reports are either positive or negative. It is also my responsibility to decide whether a debt that is too old should be included in the credit scores or not.

In any community, there are many subcultures that one may fit in. Depending on the characteristics of the subculture, one plays different roles and responsibilities. It is imperative to comprehend that some of the roles and responsibilities of students and debt collectors overlap. There are some similar roles and responsibilities in both student and debt collectors. Subcultures are a representative of a part of the community. Students have the responsibility of ensuring that they avail themselves to learn. Some students have different responsibilities such as acting as facilitators to other students. Debt collectors, on the other hand, could be one individual or a company. Their responsibility is ensuring that they collect debts from debtors for their clients.

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