Rhetoric Analysis of Two Sources Paper Example: Violent Video Games and Gun Crimes

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The rhetoric analysis of texts deals with the checking of the persuasiveness of literary materials and the ability of authors to convince the readers to believe the concepts and ideas that the readers believe in. In the figures of speech play, a critical role in the determination of rhetoric of literal materials and there is the needs for the authors to make proper use of the same in the delivery of their ideas. The language needs to be persuasive and create an impressive effect on the readers although there are cases where the language used affects the sincerity and meaningful content of literary works. Authors use different skills in bringing about the rhetoric contexts, of their works and excellent use of an amalgam of skills appeals to the views of readers. In this regard, the analysis of the two texts, Guns and Games: The Relationship Between Violent Video Games and Gun Crimes in America by John Glynn and Stop Blaming Video Games for Americas Gun Violence by Kristin Bezio helps in understanding how rhetoric can be used in two different ways.

From a superficial examination, it is prudent that Bezio has use rhetoric in a better way as opposed compared to Glynn. In his text, Bezio disputes the belief in the society that video games are to be blamed for the increasing cases in the United States from the start. By making his point clear from the start, Bezio makes his view known to the reader thereby allowing the idea to sink in the mind of the reader from the very start. The change of perception of the reader helps Glynn to use the remaining time to use additional strategies and evidence to convince the reader about his belief thereby creating a means to further his view. On the other hand, Glynn tends to be poor in the use of rhetoric, and has poor persuasive skills. The long introduction that Glynn gives to the audience makes it the reader lack the main idea the text tries to out across, and the Bezio brings out his view later in the text, a strategy not so effective. Additionally, the choice of language is more professional in Glynns work making it less focused on the target audience, which is the youth. Glynns text seems more directed at the professionals thereby lacking in suitability to the audience.

Bezios work also performs better when it comes to the use of statistics and supporting evidence about rhetoric. An example in his work is But if Lanza was playing Call of Duty 4, he was one of the millions. On the Xbox 360 console alone, the game's developer, Infinity Ward, has documented nearly 4.4 million online players, not counting players who use a PlayStation 3 or arent online. The wealth of evidence that Bezio uses to play a critical role in boosting the rhetoric in his work and serves to persuade the reader on the information disseminated in work. Additionally, the use of simple language in the text makes it easy for the target audience to read and get the main ideas thereof hence meeting the goals of communication. Regarding Glynns work, there is limited use of evidence thereby lacking it its persuasive context hence proving the poor ability of the author on the use of rhetoric. However, Glynn outperforms Bezio through the use of emotional appeal as it is evident in the way he is organized in his thoughts and tackling one issue at a time. Glynn aims at enlightening the audience to understand the text so that they can make a rational and informed conclusion regarding the issue of focus.

The idea on which Glynn focuses also makes the text to lack in its persuasive context, and this is apparent in the way he magnifies the importance of games among the youth in the society while focusing less on the relationship between guns and games. A reader would be convinced that Glyn aims is to advocate for more games and gaming opportunities and not on the relationship between games and gun violence in the United States. On the other hand, Bezio confronts the issue about the relationship between guns games in the society and states that Counterstrike are similar - an estimated 62,142 per day. And Starcraft is so popular in Korea, that it has professional leagues and an estimated online player population of around 50,000 each day. Of those millions of players, few commit an act of violence, certainly not enough to say that, statistically, video game play is a principle cause - or even a significant cause - of real-world violent behavior. So why are so many people blaming the video game industry? (Bezio n.p). Such a clarity enables the reader to have a clear view of the effect of the gaming industry in the society and conclude that there is no direct relation between video games and gun violence. It is therefore apparent that Bezio performs better in the use of rhetoric that Glynn.


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