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Cover letter class introduction

The initial class will seek to establish the characteristics, importance and contexts in which a cover letter is necessary. This class will enable the instructor to assess the level of knowledge of the students on the subject matter and the areas that require more attention.

Lesson Activities

The students will have 3 hours to learn to write a cover letter. The three hours will be divided into; teaching of the concept, classroom activities and evaluation of students learning.

ABCD Approach


The audience of this lesson will be college level students who need a cover letter after graduation in jobs application. The lesson will have 30 students in a single classroom and it will include both verbal lecturing and evaluation assessments to ensure that the students have grabbed the main concepts of the lesson (Kilickaya, 2016).


College learners have the ability to easily grasp the concepts of the lesson and they can also work together in groups which will make it easy to share lesson materials. College level students are also time conscious and they can be able to write good letters. This lesson will polish up the existing student knowledge in cover letter writing to ensure that they are able to provide good cover letters when they are required after college (Kilickaya, 2016).

Cognitive learning objective

The learners should know, remember and understand different approaches of writing a cover letter and also should be able to understand different aspects that recruiters need to see in a cover letter. The lesson will include three in class exercises in which the students will draft job application cover letters to virtual employers after which the students will evaluate each other complete cover letters to ensure that they are in order.

Psychomotor domain

The best cover letters will be presented in the classroom by role playing students after which the students will debate on the qualities of the cover letters and their ability to meet the required needs of a cover letter and also the employers requirements.

Affective objective

The affective objective of this lesson is to ensure that the students are able to relate to the lesson through the cultivation of good attitudes towards the lesson and the provided lesson environment. The lesson will seek to establish better voluntary reactions and actions of the students towards the lesson through the creation of value adding activities such as group shared assessments and also role plays to motivate students to action and better cover letter writing (Kilickaya, 2016).

Gagnes nine events of instructions

Gaining attention

Gaining attention from the students is important in ensuring that learning takes place. The teacher will gain attention of the learners by initially asking the students what they understand in cover letter writing which will create positivity amongst students and desire to know the importance of writing a cover letter and its purpose (Ali & Ali, 2016).

Informing the learner on the lesson objectives

The initial 20 minutes of the lesson will introduce the objectives of the lesson to the learners which will create a desire to learn amongst the students. Listing the objectives of the lesson will create internal drive of expectancy and this approach motivates the students to pay attention throughout the lesson. The objective of this plan is to ensure that students are able to write conclusive cover letters and meet the needs of the employers (Ali & Ali, 2016).

Stimulation of recall of prerequisite learning

This will be achieved through the recall of previous lesson content which was based on creative writing. Further, the teacher can pose a deliberate explanation of negative and positive experiences that one has faced in the course of his/her career.

Stimulus material

The learning content will be presented to the learner and in an organized manner. The learning content will include the definition of a cover letter, a sample and different contests through which it is used (Ali & Ali, 2016).

Providing feedback

A feedback is important after evaluating the role playing activity in cover letter writing. The feedback will include guidance on correct usage of grammar and organization of the cover letter (Ali & Ali, 2016).

Assessing knowledge acquired

The knowledge acquired will be assessed through a regular task in classroom without providing further teaching and coaching on cover letter writing (Ali & Ali, 2016).



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