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It was on the 16th date of April 2015, a special moment in my life. Guess what! My husband who had been deployed for 12 months was coming home on the material day. You can imagine how I was feeling especially meeting my husband 12 months later. In the morning, I knew it was going to be a great day for me because I needed to meet my husband after such a long time. Look! Who knew that the world around me was going to behave in an extraordinary manner? I was sited peacefully in the 'center of the universe' Fort Bragg, North Carolina when I received an unexpected call. On the screen of my phone was the caller, Christina. It was unusual for Christina to call me at such time. However, I was not hesitant to pick her call because I knew she had some good news to share. To be precise, Christina was my supervisors and in my instinct had a mixt reaction concerning the phone call. As usual, the conversation on the mobile phone was official. She said, 'I just left Torrey office and I really hate to lose you in transportation but, you are going to make an awesome office manager.' I was tongue-tied and could not speak to Christina. I had to confirm whether it was me listening to the message by scratching my left arm using a stone. I told myself, 'wake up. It is just a dream. I was in a deep form of disbelief. I knew the information that got into my ears was definitely false and I needed solitude to think soberly.

Serving as manager in the workplace is a symbol of change in various dimension of an individual life. Though my conscience was not ready to comprehend the message, I knew the fateful day was an instant change in my life. I was imagining what being a manager would bring in my life. I knew I needed to change my talks, my dress code and my entire relationships with people in the workplace. For a long time, I did not have hopes to one-day hold and office as a manager because, in my view, I was an average performer. However, though I was not expecting the call, I was longing to such a position. Two things came into my mind immediately I received the call. One, I knew taking up the managerial position was a change in my life for the better. Second, I knew it was a hard time to cope with the new status, responsibilities and to change the friendships.

I knew I will lose a number of friends because of the official duty I was taking soon. Thoughts regarding the new job consumed my whole being and I was left with imaginations regarding whether I was managing the responsibility or lowing the standards of the department.

I knew managers as figures of authority. In my workplace, the lower level employees did not work with maximum freedom in the presence of the manager. I just thought about the changes in my life and the mechanisms to use to adapt the new life without the need loss all my friends. The thoughts of the two sides of the coin took the better part of my time. First, I thought about my society, and the expectations they have about me. Traditionally, people associate positions in the workplace and the financial stability. I knew that people in the society will definitely assign me many roles because of the new status. I began fearing the outcomes of the promotion, in the same proportion I was yearning to take over the position. You can imagine the situation I was going through to attain the threshold within my soul.

Monday was approaching faster than usual and I knew soon I was talking over the position in some few hours. However, it was hard to comprehend the result of the paradigm shift in my life. It reached a point that I disregard the thoughts thinking it was a fool's day and Christina was kidding on me. I was at some point not convinced of the promotion because of the causality in the manner of the communication. Part of my conscience knew the normal way of passing such message was in a form of a formal letter.

Later, in the day, I realized overthinking was the result of all the drama. It was not long before I regain the conscience and I realized I had thought so much to the point of illusion. My minds were in the world of deception and all that was in mind was a product of anxiety. As I went through my phone book in the evening, I realized I had not received any call from Christina and the company was not promoting at that particular time. I sat on the bed and realized that all that was in my minds was just a dream.

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