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Organizational culture refers to the values, norms, and attitudes, which have been adopted by members of an organization to help them know how to behave in the world around them. Organization culture, shared by the members, help in shaping interpretative schemes within the organization. In most organizations, the heads of the organizations or their employees set the culture.


Google is one of the organizations, which focuses on its organizational culture. Google is unique from other organizations in that it does not have the typical corporate culture that other organizations have. Google focuses on keeping their employees comfortable and happy through the provision of the best environment, which attracts, retains, and motivates the employees. In 2007, Fortune magazine ranked Google as the best company to work with. In 2010, it ranked number 4 globally. Google provides its employees with food options and sushi bars (Uzkurt et al., 2013).The employees are allowed to access the gym, video games, shower amenities, doctors and the on-site childcare services. Besides Google gives the offers parental leave of four months and pay them 75% of the full payment. Families with a newborn are also given $500 for the take-out meals. Other benefits provided by Google include; free haircuts, free health, and dental operations, subsidized massages among others. Furthermore, the decisions are made in teams. The senior employees are not allowed to make decisions on their own (OReilly III et al., 2014).Every opinion of each employee is considered in decision-making. Employees are also allowed to take risk and innovation. For example, at one time the vice president made a mistake in the advertising system, which would cost the company millions of dollars, the employee who noted the problem was congratulated and even rewarded. This culture makes employees feel they work in a unique place, which is different from other places they have worked.

World Bank

World Bank has set codes of conduct, which ensures that the employees behave in the right manner. The organization insists that for an individual to continue working with them, they must put more importance on idea generation rather than public eloquence (Moretti&Pestre, 2015). The employees are advised not to concentrate on one country or one problem since it is too risky. The president is reshuffled after a given period. Because of this, every employee is encouraged to build self-protection mechanisms by becoming one of the members of the pyramidal clans that are in the bank. It will help an individual be promoted by the next president after the organizational restructuring. Additionally, the employees of World Bank have developed the culture internal inward looking. In this, workers focus on making friends, allies, and mentors in the organization. World Bank ensures that there is the quality board who assess the performance of the employees. This makes the employees work to their fullest to avoid demotion or firing (Mundy & Verger, 2015).


I feel that the organizational culture of Google Company makes the employees feel better than that of World Bank. Through the provision of facilities such as the gym, swimming facilities, food options among others, the employees feel that the organization minds about them. Additionally, the employees feel that their needs are sorted. Through the provision of rewards to those who notice mistakes, it makes the employees always ensure that their colleagues carry out their duties efficiently. The culture of the World Bank encourages unfairness when promoting the employees. The president supports their closest friends or family relatives. This may discourage those who work very hard to be promoted. Because of the unfairness, the morale of these employees is killed and thus reduced productivity.



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