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Basic Employee Information

The appraisal form has touched on specific job details of the employee including job title, department and period where he/she has been working and mostly importantly position goals. These details will ease the process of appraisal since it shows how the employee has performed in that position.

Accountabilities, Objective and Standards

The goals and expectation the employee was tasked to achieve is what will be based on in analyzing objectives and accountability of the employee. The standards depend on the results on the rating scale. If the rating scale is exceptional, it means his/her standards is beyond expectation and vice versa.

Competencies and Indicators

A competent employee is seen by his/her performance rating. The way the employee approaches his work, the quality and quantity of work he/she does and their skills are various indicators which are used in the appraisal.

Major Achievements and Contributions

The result from the overall performance rating will show if the employee has achieved in his/her work. The rating scale though different levels shows performance versus expectations and will in turn show where the employee has contributed to the company hence will guide the employers on how to reward the employee.

Developmental Achievements

The communication, interpersonal and leadership skill is fundamental in analyzing what an employee has achieved since starting work. Positive changes in these skills will show to employers that they have developed hence being rewarded.

Developmental Needs, Plans, and Goals

In analyzing leadership and management, the employers will understand how the employees can meet their needs and develop goals on their own. This factor should be taken seriously because an employee who can set his/her plans and achieve is a serious employee who needs to be appraised well.

Stakeholder Input

The stakeholders setting of standards and supervising the employees is critical in performance appraisal since they get a relevant information first hand to use in rewarding employees.

Employee Comments and Signatures

This part confirms the information about the employee is true thus gives the process of appraisal the green light.

Simplicity and Relevance

The form is simple because it is straightforward. The information specifically touches on an employee on meaning it is relevant in the appraisal process.

Descriptiveness and Adaptability

The information from the form will extensively describe the employee and is adaptable since it is open-ended and the employee is not restricted on anything.

Comprehensiveness and Clarity

The form touches many aspects of the employee thus very comprehensive. The clarity also comes through its arrangement making it very clear to understand

Communication and Time Orientation

The form is directed to the supervisor who directs it to department head meaning there is direct communication and its time orientation shows it is something done continuously throughout employees work period not once.



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