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There are some things I know to be true about success. One, I know that success is relative. One persons level of success is different from the other and the degree of success changes from time to time. Two, when you are on the fast track of success, it becomes a bit difficult to acknowledge it. Moreover, hard work has no substitute. Therefore for you to be successful one has to be in the right place and not only rely on luck. Three, I do know some interesting things about the school. I know that school is not all that boring as one can learn many cool things also. However, it is interesting to know that in countries like Pakistan only children of age five and nine are authorized to compulsory education.

Four, I also know that in school, children who are active the last twenty minutes before a test they turn out to perform exemplary. Therefore, children and other students should be encouraged to read for their tests up to the last minute before the examination. And lastly, I know that only you can decide what is best for you as well as your relationship. One can take advice from family and friends, but the decision lies with the parties themselves.

Five things I should have learned by now

First, I should have learned by now that those people who are an inspiration in my life are those who are always ready to extend a helping hand to others but are still very deferential and appreciative. The second thing I should have learned by now is that all things occur where they do, when they do, the way they do and they happen for a particular reason. I should have also learned by now that I am wonderfully and beautifully created and therefore I should not be living up to unrealistic standards. Fourthly, I should have learned by now that too much of something is a poison. Lastly, by now, I should have learned that friends are not there to stay particularly those that are close to us.

Five things I want to learn this year

The first skill thing I want to learn this year is to repair almost everything in the house. There are many things that I opted to pay someone to fix it for me which leads me to pay an enormous amount of money. Therefore, I will use online videos and tutorials to learn the skills used in repairing activities. The second thing I will learn is an artistic skill in photography which will require me to purchase a camera from a professional studio. I will need a professional to teach me how to undertake photography, and thus this will ensure me to succeed in the field.

The third skill I will learn this year is to improve my design skills by acquiring a sense of style. Clients have varying preferences each year, and hence I will strive to improve the design competencies in this area. The fourth skills I opt to learn this year are to build and hack computer software. Hacking is a skill that one requires skills to perform, and hence I will join classes that will make me learn the skill even more. The final skill that I would learn is to play a new instrument since I have a passion for music. Many online resources will make me understand the tool even more, and therefore I will use the various online platforms to teach myself how to play them.

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