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Education requires a contribution from two parties. A teacher and a student. The failures witnessed in the education system can solely be blamed on the teachers/lecturers. According to (Sherry, 3) teachers have adopted the habit of passing students along in High School simply because the student is a good person. The habit is preferred because the teachers prefer to spare the student the short term pain of flunking them. Majority of the High School students lack the maturity to take their education seriously and put the effort in it. The teachers in class fail to examine the contribution of the students.

Using the example of (Sherry,9) her son failed to get the required grades in the English class. The teacher chose to take the initiative with the backing of the parent to threaten the student with flunking. The students grades improved. The method simply worked because students will not take their studies seriously unless they feel threatened. The threat of failure is the biggest motivator and teachers have failed to apply this in their coursework. It worked in the past and still works in the present.

Lecturers expect that the college students are mature enough to take their studies seriously. According to (O'Keeney,46), most students in college fail to get through college because of two main factors. They lack proper study skills and the distractions that emerge from other responsibilities. (O'Keeney, 56) Says that students enter college with the expectation of using the same tactics they used in High School where many of them never did much reading. They however soon come to the realization that they are on their own and no one cares whether they pass or fail. They, therefore, have a hard time coming up with a good study routine.

O'Keeney(20) Further gives an example of Roger and Marian as students who were having a hard time juggling between study and other responsibilities. He has come to the conclusion that it can be done and that majority of students who fail will look at an excuse to not perform at their best when in reality they have been exaggerating these situations. (O'Keeney 56) The argument is. However, one sided as it fails to look at the contribution of lecturers in college as discussed by (Daniels, 24).

The system adopted by college administrators is one similar to that of High School. Lecture lessons dont really do much good to the students as they do to the school itself. The College administrators simply prefer lectures because they are economical. That is, they can stuff as many students as possible into one lecture room and have all of them be taught within two hours. The alternative is however quite demanding and requires a lot of effort. (Daniels, 26) Suggests group discussions as a way of teaching because it engages both the professors and the students. It allows all the parties in education to be actively involved in the learning process.

Lectures, as stated by (Daniels,45) are favored because it offers the professors an opportunity to show off while the students also prefer it because they pretend to learn. They get to do nothing but sit in class and engage the neutral gear.' They just pass along. From the above arguments, it is clearly up to the teacher to take responsibility in education. Reason being if the teachers show interest and motivation and enforce policies that force the hand of students, the students will comply. In college, the best way to do this is by actively engaging with the students in order to know if they have learned before the exam and not after the examination.


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