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Florida undergraduate School of the Arts is committed to the principle that both passionate, customized guidelines and practical "hands-on experiences" are relevant to the development of an undergraduate's imaginative and creative abilities. As part of civic training education in the national government, Florida undergraduate school of the Arts offers a comprehensive creative training program suitable to every student's ability. It empowers each undergraduate to get the acquaintance, skills, as well as the gratitude of the preferred arts discipline that is needed for employment services in the career of arts (Hickey, Maud 398). All Undergraduates receive certified theatre and dance program instructions as well as rigorous training from the start of the registration. As a proficient arts university, Florida undergraduate school of the Arts offers a learning atmosphere whereby scholars are anticipated to observe all the standards of competence as well as educational excellence.

Resources at the University of Florida for a dance program

Dance as a career requires significant efforts and resources but its rewards are both self-enriching and diverse. Dance career plays a significant role in individual development by improving ones physical health and mental abilities. The Department of Theatre and Dance empowers undergraduates to sightsee their aptitudes and inventiveness within a context of certified discipline and educational development. Programmed and practical platform practices are conducted to nurture undergraduates' artistic expressions, enhancement of both verbal and physical communication, and also instill them with stage presentation skills. As students the in Theatre and Performance Studies, the University has employed different schemes to collect and examine various forms of substantiation brochures, conferences, imageries, and articles as well as drama scripts. The methods reflect the contemporary improvements in auditorium research about the tried and factual techniques of the past. The techniques include: Ethnography, Historiography, Artistic Studies, Presentation Studies, typical and Femininity Studies, These methods of study are integrated within the study modules to offer high-quality training level regarding the school curriculum CITATION Hic02 \l 1033 (Hickey, 2002). Each of these approaches shows an in-depth commitment towards exploring presentations in their collective, chronological, as well as civil circumstances. The faculty proficiency in related fields is termed as formulated recital performance (Wolcott, Nancy 64).The moral principles of violence and public involvement provide undergraduates with instances on how theoretical concepts traverse with the performances of the ancient and present-day events.

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Dance program offers contemporary training and practices in preparing to teach different models of dances in different community settings ranging from reserved dance workshops and civic community programs serving various inhabitants. This program comprises of dance practices, pedagogics, dance composition, practical theatre training, dance framework as well as kinesiology. Under this program, undergraduates are offered openings for practicums in common dance curriculum. No audition is needed for this program; but, each student is supposed to get in touch with the administrator of the dance program to help in planning. The dance program provides a composed training and involvement in dance activities. Program of applied dance is one of the minor programs offered in the university, it provides scholars with an introductory overview on coaching different dancing styles to a wide diversity of people. This minor comprises of dancing practices and pedagogics, which is an addition to particular art project associated with the dancing field. The dance program is another important dance program in University of Florida that will It offers a well-balanced, multipurpose preparation and openings to increase the knowledge on performing as well as dance routine skills. This dance program comprises of a balanced program in dance as well as other modern dance fields. Upon completion, the students are primed for continuous dance training at a four-year college in certified dancing companies.

Career goals

The university of Florida main dance objective is to ensure collaboration between dances since dancing requires all the dancers to work together. Working together ensures that all dancers are able to learn from each other and together develop better dance skills. As a dancer creating unique and diverse live performance which can showcase the richness of dance is a major priority. Dancers are required to express themselves physically and emotionally which significantly contributes to individual health wellness. Through dance training at the University of Florida individuals are required to show a multifaceted physicality that can be developed through the dance training program. Further, pursuing an undergraduate degree in dance at the University of Florida promotes individual understanding of cultural perspectives in dance by different communities which will be an enriching experience (Wolcott, Nancy 66). Finally, a career in dancing helps in the promotion of community inclusiveness and understanding which promote community coexistence.

In conclusion, dance is an art that requires an individual to move not only their body but also to express their emotions, imaginations and memories. Purposeful gesture, costume and sound involved in dance promotes the practicability of dance in the social and community spaces.

Work cited

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