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Specific Function: To inform the audience about the pop star; Brittney Spears and her Mississippi roots where she was born.

Organizational Design: Chronological


Attention-Arousing Material:

I want you all to imagine life without music. How boring and bland, right? Now imagine listening to your favorite tune with your friends. Good music can set the cheerful mood you and your friends want. Music lovers tend to have a choice artist who they can relate to, in life. Pop music has that artist, by the name Brittney Spears.

I am not embarrassed to acknowledge that Brittney changed the course of pop music. I will be informing you about the starting point of Brittneys career and her Mississippi roots.

Credibility Statement:

I always have been a fan of Brittney and enjoyed some of her big hits throughout her career. I have also investigated numerous websites to acquire more knowledge about her story from the beginning in Mississippi to how she became to be the Hollywood sensation. My sources include the website ("Britney Spears," 2017), the Billboard Magazine, and I have further looked up two books.

Thesis Statement:

Today, I hope to share with you the complete history of the starting point of Brittneys career and her Mississippi roots.


I wish to inform you of how the legendary Brittney Spears rose from Mississippi to become a pop culture icon.


Britney Jean Spears is a US-based pop artist, songwriter, dancer, and actress. She was born on the 2nd of December, 1981. She is the second child of Lynne Irene and James Spears. Her birthplace is McComb, Mississippi and she was brought up in Kentwood, Louisiana (Smit, 2011).

Brittney is Jamie Lynn Spears' sister. Britney gave birth to two kids with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

According to One Voice, Britneys maternal grandmother was an English war bride, and one of Britneys maternal grandpas was Maltese (Kleen, 2009).

Some of her current families were American-born, with a more significant number being English.

Britney Spears certainly got her fair cut of Southern experience in her early years.

At eight years she auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club. She failed, but this opened her way to show business.

From her interviews, dressing, and love of some specific cuisine, it is clear that she is still a Southern girl.

(Transition: With literally billions of records sold to date)

Building upon her meteoric rise, Spears released Oops! I Did It Again in 2000. The tune became a big hit on the album charts ("On-Demand Channel Offers Music Videos," 2004).

Brittney had presented her vocal talent of music on the pop entertainment contest Star Search in 1992.

Spears concentrated on growing her musical career. She finally signed a contract with Jive Records. In Dec. 1998, Spears recorded her first single, "Baby One More Time." The tune topped pop charts by early 1999. The music video was controversial because of her skimpy outfit, but she said she was just a sweet, innocent girl from the South (Smit, 2011).

Signal of Completion:

Hopefully, now you have a little more knowledge of how the pop princess rose to stardom, being a southern girl, from Mississippi.

Summary Statement:

The story of Brittney Spears is a truthfully entertaining one. She is one of the most iconic pop entertainers. During her career, she has made frequent comparisons to other pop entertainers like Madonna, regarding stage performance and vocal cords. Besides being a successful recording musician but also an authoritative cultural icon.


Concluding Remarks:

I hope each of you has enjoyed learning more about the story of Brittney Spears and how she came up from Mississippi. The next time you listen to some pop music, perhaps you can hit shuffle and include her in the playlist.



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