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The areas grocery stores E. coli contamination report presented by several of the local newspapers may be the main reason as to why there has been a decline in the sales of beef products at the firm's chain restaurants. However, it is true that the boss suggestion of only conducting a survey of the restaurants in the area to determine if the situation is pervasive would not be the most appropriate way of trying to find out the why the firm is suffering from a decline in the sales of its beef entree. This is because there may be other internal and external factors that may have caused the decline in sales.

By focusing on only the effects of the E. coil contamination reports presented by the newspapers the business may fail to identify the other possible causes of the decline in their sales. The researchers should also analyze other relating factors such as the effectiveness of marketing strategy used by the organization, the influence of its competitors, and the possible changes in consumers' preferences. The conducting of a wider analysis would aid the business in identifying and mitigating its weaknesses and threats thus improving its operations and making it more prosperous (Cooper & Schindler 2014). The conduction of a general survey may however not be effective since the lack of directed focus may cause the organization to fail to identify the main problem that has caused a reduction in their sales. On the other hand, the concentration on only how E. coli contamination reports may have affected the company would help the firm to know whether the reports are the main reason as to why the business is experiencing a decrease in beef entree sales. Thus clearing their doubt on as to whether the spread of E. coli contamination is the cause of their predicament.

According to Cooper & Schindler (2014), a research design is the means by which answers concerning the investigated scenario can be obtained. The utilization of a survey in compiling data on why the organization's beef entree sales have reduced would be very effective. This is because through surveying the research team would be able to have a clear description of the population since it promotes the representation of a large population. The use of survey may also be cost effective to the firm since it would only incur minimal costs such as of printing out the questionnaires to be used. The utilization of a survey may however not be effective since the method is inflexible. For example, the questions asked in the questionnaire cannot be changed once the questionnaires have been issued.

To improve the effectiveness of the research the organization may gather information from a larger population since this would increase the accuracy of their findings (Copper & Schindler 2014). They may also utilize other methodologies of research in collecting data since it would allow them to have a better understanding of the issue they are examining. This is because it would aid in capitalizing on the limitations of surveying. The utilization of various tools in the formulation of the research question would assist in the development of the most appropriate questions concerning the investigated scenario. The encouraging words from Deuteronomy 31:6, 'you should be strong and courageous, free of fear, for the Lord your God is with you. He will not forsake you,' shows that despite the challenges the organization may face they should soldier on with the hope that they would find a solution one day.

ReferenceCooper, D. R., & Schindler, P. S. (2014). Business research methods (12th ed.). New York, NY:


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