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For years, I have been fascinated with human growth and development. I am especially intrigued by how humans develop from tiny infants to fully grown individuals, as well as the cognitive, behavioral and emotional transformations that occur from birth to old age. This fascination informed my decision to pursue a career that involves interacting with human behavior and development. In order to attain my career objective, I intend to go to graduate school to study human development and human behavior. I am interested in pursuing this field of study as it will impart me with valuable knowledge regarding the development of individuals along the lines of behavioral, cognitive, and emotional capacities, as well as functioning throughout the life span.

Pursuing a graduate degree in the field of human behavior and development will greatly expand my capacity to succeed in my career. I believe that the graduate degree program will provide me with critical knowledge on human development, which is vital to my career that involves dealing with people in different stages of development. I hope that the graduate program will provide me with in-depth appreciation of key behavioral and developmental concepts and theories applicable to the field of psychology. In essence, I believe that the graduate program will instill an understanding of how individuals develop prior to birth, as infants, children, adolescents, and through early and late adulthood. The capacity to apply skillfully this knowledge in real life practice is particularly critical since decisive translations regarding human development are central to effective professional practice.

The graduate program is a good fit for me as it caters to my desire to enhance my knowledge in child developmental psychology, social psychology, and lifespan psychology. My fascination with these areas of studies centers on my belief that studying these aspects is central to understanding all components of human development and behavior throughout the life span. The field of the psychology of human development and behavior is expansive, and extensive studies have been conducted to discover more about human development and behavior. Psychology theorists have established that human behavior is complex and often unpredictable, with the social environment playing a critical role in shaping human behavior. The study of lifespan psychology encompasses thorough research on individuals along different stages of the lifespan. I am interested in discovering how social interactions impact the individual, particularly individual behavior. On a personal level, I believe that the graduate program will gratify my academic curiosity regarding human development and knowledge.

I have had the opportunity to interact with individuals at different stages of development during my voluntary work. I have volunteered at a nursing home where I was responsible for assisting elderly individuals to complete various tasks, including moving around, and engaging in recreational activities and games. Through my volunteering at the nursing home, I was able to observe the behaviors of elderly individuals, which I discovered differ significantly from those of individuals in other development stages in the lifespan, such as my peers. In addition, I have also volunteered helping homeless people at a local shelter. My voluntary work expanded my desire to learn more about human nature, development, and behavior.

In addition to my native language, I also speak English. I believe that my capacity to speak English will greatly enhance my ability to interact with individuals from all cultural backgrounds within the graduate school, and in my professional career.


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