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High school and college are just another part of life for most individuals. This is because it is a transition which most people go through, that features two diverse and varying worlds. Just as is the case with other factors, these two tend to have similarities and differences. This essay seeks to compare and contrast the life of a student in high school and college by considering the academic responsibilities, time schedule, and also the student cultures.

High school is the first step which an individual must make in order to gain a higher level of learning. It is a place which equips students with the basic knowledge needed to survive in college and other institutions of higher learning. Basically, topics taught here are generalized into Mathematics, Science, and English among others. In such an environment, students are more relaxed as they do not have a lot of responsibilities to handle (Yao et al. 1352). If anything, what they are expected to handle in form of assignments are rarely complicated and heavy. Due dates for submission are also not immediate.

When compared to the time schedule of a college student, the high school students schedule is more fixed as the reporting time is usually 7.30 to 8.00 am, and dismissal is at 5.00 pm. Here, the students are immature and still need constant monitoring and guidance to ensure they stay on track and lead active successful lives (Yao et al. 1356). In terms of freedom, the high schools students are given very little space as most school expect them to study in the single classroom, except for the science practical which they may have to use a lab.

College, on the other hand, has some differences to what has been noted above. The student is expected to settle for subjects that are in line with the carrier he or she hopes to pursue. In addition, the subjects are much more specific. Since in college the student is much older, it is assumed that they are now responsible individuals who do not need constant monitoring (Devonport et al. 73). Also, they are given a larger workload which is also complex in nature. Partly, this is due to the fact that the curriculum is more specific and wider. Therefore, the assignments given are also complicated as detailed topics must be covered. In relation to the time schedules, college students are on the better side as their schedules are more flexible. This is partly because they are considered adults who do not need to be reminded of where they need to be. Also, it is assumed that they are responsible enough to keep time and be in class as desired. It is at this point that most students become outgoing and independent as they are given the freedom of choice. The culture of the college student is also diverse since there are many students from varying backgrounds and nationalities (Devonport et al. 77).

Basically, these are two phases in life which are experienced when an individual is of a certain age. The higher one progresses in education, the more complex it becomes. Similarly, the higher one progresses, the better the opportunity of freedom becomes. It all depends with the phase one is in as the individual will either be considered an adult or a child. Although many look forward to joining college, they should also anticipate the changes in workload and time schedules which will be more demanding than in high school.


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