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Currently, I am in the fifth semester at the Iilm Undergraduate Business School where I am pursuing B. B.A in Entrepreneurship. I also attended Jubilee Hills Public School Hyderabad for CBSE Class 12 Boards Commerce and finally, I attended Narayana Concept School Hyderabad for SSC10 boards. I have worked in various institutions such as Gowra Hallmark Construction where I have accomplishes my career goals, for example, introducing CRM software on purchasing and sale administration and closely worked with directors and involved in making all the critical decisions of the company.

I have also worked with marketing and sales team where I have managed to introduce new marketing techniques for the company. Besides these, I have also had an opportunity to work with Transfreight Marine Services PVT. Limited which is a service provider for shipping agents where I worked with the marketing team, providing creative ideas, and making relevant presentation. Besides academics and professional background, I was able to attend conferences at National Real Estate Development Council organized by the ministry of housing and urban affairs where I learned about new schemes and the introduction of government ideas used in India. Finally, I have managed to won various awards and achievement in sports and other areas.

After working with above companies for six months, I have managed to encounter various challenges and unforeseen obstacles. Nevertheless, I am interested in managerial and leadership opportunities where I will be in a position to expand my responsibilities. I would also like to be in a managerial position to train the junior employees and helping them to develop to make the positive contribution of any organization I might serve in my capacity.

Thus, after thoughtful consideration, I might decide to undertake an MBA program which would not only be useful but will be vital in developing my career potential and also provide me great opportunities in future success. The main aim I want to peruse an MBA program is that it is related to what I am studying in undergraduate. This will allow me to acquire and develop my abilities further. Likewise, I have a strong background in marketing this gives the advantage to start MBA program in your institution. By pursuing an MBA, I will be exposed in all areas of business operation such as finance, human resources, accounting, and accounting.

The importance of studying higher education now is that it will help me to move out of comfort zone and equip me with latest issues in international business issues. It will also ensure I get access to a business network which is significant for career growth and development. Pursuing an MBA now will open new avenues and provide new skills required for career growth and progression.

Studying an MBA requires both strength and determination of a character. In this regards your institution is well recognized for producing excellent graduates in an MBA that able to fill the gaps in the market. Your school has been outstanding in research program thus it equip the students with a diverse background professionally and academically which expose graduates to different cultures in the business arena. Therefore I am prepared for the challenges and demands presented by undertaking MBA program at your institution. Thank you for your consideration and time.

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