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2021-07-07 22:05:54
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Most universities have colleges have career services departments that allow students and alumni to access various services that help them in their career development. Notably, students and alumni can visit the website for information regarding career planning, internships, and job opportunities, among other services. Similarly, University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has a website that provides information on career services, which is critical in the development of one's career path while still studying and even after graduating. In this paper, I will discuss the services and tools available at the career services department that have been of great importance in shaping my career path, and their significance in my post graduation life.

Career Services, Tools, and Resources

Before I joined (UMUC), I could not decide on what I wanted to do because I had so many options in mind. Although I settled for a management course, I had thought of other courses such as a course in business. I was advised to visit the University's website and get equipped with all the information I wanted regarding the various courses. It was possible to settle on a management course after consulting the UMUC advisor on career planning tips. I decided on the field of management because I realized it would be fulfilling to be in a position to be a leader equipped with managerial skills. Also, I wanted to venture into business after school hence management was the best option. The website was critical because it availed the information that one would require when choosing a major. Naturally, most of the students who seek to advance their careers may be confused on what to do as a major. The job one will do after graduation will be mostly determined by what they choose as a major.

Choosing a career is not enough if one does not have strategies for career goals. These services are also provided in the career services department at UMUC. It is every student's dream to achieve career goals, which is a blueprint to being a successful person. However, these goals can only be achieved through doing a few things that are highlighted on the University's website. They include preparing a career map, communicating one's qualifications, and networking in the targeted profession. Management is a wide course that requires one to narrow down on what he/she wants to focus on, which is the first step towards preparing a career map. Individuals join university to pursue courses that will prepare them for the job market after they graduate. When developing a career map, it is also possible for one to identify the academic requirements and experience that one will need in the job they would want to do.

The universitys website provides information on job fairs and career events that are helpful in exposing students to professions in the jobs they are interested in doing after school. During these events, we can meet recruiters and make networks as well as possible job leads. From the website, one can use the calendar of events where the dates for the annual job fair are indicated. There are also employer recruiting events where students and alumni get an opportunity to meet employers who could hire them if they meet the requirements and experience. Therefore, while still studying, I know what companies want because I get to interact with them during these events. The university also provides access to internship opportunities that are posted on the website as well as guidelines on how to get internships. These internships are significant in helping one get the relevant experience needed in the job market.

Noteworthy, the website has tools that are exclusively helpful to students and alumni of UMUC. These tools include CareerQuest where students and alumni can log into and apply for jobs and internships. One needs to have the required academic qualifications and experience required by the organization they want to apply to work for and submit a resume to the university's online database. Both the local and national hiring managers can see the applicant's resume and they can hire one if he/she qualifies. The CareerQuest tools are also useful because they enable one research companies and find all the information that he/she requires. While I am benefiting from the career services department as a student, I can still use the website even after graduating.

As I conclude, I would say that career services departments at the university play a critical role in the development of student's career before they start studying and even after they have graduated. The information provided in these websites is helpful, and students and alumni are encouraged to take advantage of such information. For instance, when universities and colleges organize for events that are meant to benefit students, they post them on the website where one can access more information. Students and alumni have benefited from these events by getting jobs and internships, as well as creating networks that are helpful when they get into the job market. Therefore, it is important for students and graduates to make it a habit to visit the website frequently.

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