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Communication is passing of information from one person to another. It includes the exchange of thoughts, facts, opinions, and sentiments from one person to another. It involves a sender and recipient in which the sender conveys the information to the recipient. For this to be effectively conveyed, certain measures need to be undertaken.

First, I will ensure that the information being passed is clear and of integrity (Husain,2013). By this, the parents will be able to understand the information and what it entails. As of this, I need to ensure that the parents are well catered for as they are not all the same. Some deal with the information given by their understanding and beliefs. Others especially those with children that need special attention are very sensitive and hence need to be handled with care. I would ensure that children with such needs are made aware of their parent's support and that their needs are meant for a smooth learning.

Second is correct timing as it helps the parents prepare adequately for the information being passed. This will ensure that the information reaches the parents on the right time avoiding compromises. Some of the parents are very strict on time while others are okay with time set aside for these meetings. Am the one in charge, hence there is need to make these meetings is favorable for all parents due to their diversity.Also, some of the childrens issues need more time discussing. Moreover, there is the need of informing these parents that their children need more time in their doings. Subjecting them to a certain time frame will lead to underperformance as they fear being late on completing a task thus they perform it hurriedly.

The third I will use is informal communication. This creates room for the participation in the information passed. By using this, I will be ensuring that all the parents take into account the need of being part of the communication. Even though others advocate for formal communication, the informal one does not restrict anyone from taking part. Some of them do not understand certain languages; therefore, the informal communication is a good way of conveying the information. I would also be ensuring that the needs of the children are not tampered with as they vary from one child to another. I will also use the proper medium to convey the message effectively. This ensures that all the recipients get the information. As not all the parents are advantaged to own gadgets that convey message faster, there is a need for alternative methods. Their diversity in owning these mediums should come first and make them all have the information is vital. I would see to it that all the available mediums are put in place to convey the message to all the parents and that none is left out. Furthermore, some of the messages conveyed are very crucial as they state the needs of every childs wants which vary. Therefore the parents are made aware through the various mediums they have of their childrens wants and how important it is for them to attend the meeting.

Fourth, knowing the main purpose of the message is essential(Husain,2013). By knowing what the message entails one can understand its need and the measures one should have. Some of the parents do not necessarily take into account messages as they consider some of less importance. Making the message understood by all should be well stated. As it involves the needs of all the children, the parents should be aware of its importance since these children need their support. Some of them need more attention than others hence the importance of the parent's input is crucial. Therefore I would make the main purpose well known.

Also, there is planning the objectives accurately to enable the main objectives to be given the priority. In such a meeting there are those objectives that need to be discussed first. As the children have different needs, those that affect them all should come first to relief parents whose children do not have much to be discussed. Besides not all children face the same needs. Some have special needs that need to be addressed only to their parents alone. As of such, I would ensure that the objectives are well planned and that all the parents and the children needs are taken care off.

Lastly, I will ensure that there is proper response to feedback. Since the parents vary in their responses, I would ensure that the feedback given is properly done. Some may want to know if at all the message is beneficial to them and their children or is of the schools. About the children varying needs, the responses as well differ, and the correct feedback ensures that the issue is well addressed.This ensures both the parents and the children get the necessary information regarding them.



Husain, Z. (2013). Effective communication brings successful organizational change. The Business & Management Review, 3(2), 43.


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