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Social justice is justice regarding the distribution of wealth, privileges and opportunities in society. It relates to a reasonable relation between an individual and the community. Healthcare affects everyone the USA. It can be expensive to a significant percentage of the population. The mentally ill can be given specialized care which is their right. There are powers of the state that can protect the mentally ill from people who might take their right of freedom. The government gives essential healthcare treatment for the mentally ill. The family of the patient should contribute when it comes to admission of a patient to a facility with better technology and more specialists. These are usually more costly, and the government cannot bear all the cost.

Discussion 2 Response

Quality healthcare is expensive. Most citizens cant afford it fully subject to the diversified social economic status. Majorly, it should be an imperative duty of the American government to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by providing the prerequisite assistance to the citizens who cant afford these quality health care services. People should not be discriminated from access to healthcare because they are poor (Post, 2017). There is an issue about the freedom of the patient. The right to liberty is granted to every USA citizen. Involuntary commitment of a patient takes away that power. There are those who argue mentally ill patients are dangerous to themselves and other people. Balance can only be achieved when a qualified psychiatrist recommends the steps to take with the patient. They can professionally determine whether the patient will be a danger to other people, or whether the patient can mingle with the society.

Discussion 3 Response

Child abuse and neglect is physical, sexual or psychological mistreatment of a child, particularly by the parent or caregiver (Segal, 2016). In 1993, the National Research Council recognized child abuse and neglect as a prevalent problem in the USA. The council found that child abuse and neglect was responsible for adverse behavior in some adults. Douglas J. Besharov poked holes in the laws relating to this matter when they vividly articulated that the rules are vague and broad. There was a misunderstanding between various bodies on what a case of child abuse or neglect is. The USA government has made improvements to the law to protect children. It has come up with policies and programs such as the safe-haven laws, setting up child fatality review teams, training investigators, shaken baby syndrome prevention programs, and so on.

Discussion 4 Response

The US government has made steps to address the challenges in the provision of services to abused and neglected children. There is this problem where when a child reports a case of abuse or neglect, many of the people they say to brush the incident away as an overreacting child. The government has addressed this by setting up state child protection agencies which investigate every child abuse report they get to determine the facts and circumstances of each case (Segal, 2016). It has also come up with programs to facilitate timely clinical treatment to victims of physical and psychological injuries to the victim. Other services the government has started to improve service provision to victims include family counselling, self-help services to the victims, legal action help, and so on.


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