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Stakeholders are parties in the form of individuals, groups or organizations that have a vested interest in a given activity or process. An organization such as hospital whose main activity is healthcare delivery has several stakeholders with different interests. For instance, pharmaceutical suppliers, patients, community, the government, and ministry of health are all examples of stakeholders as far as a hospital is concerned. The same applies to the Brookdale hospital, and it is expected that the stakeholders have an impact on various operational processes in the organization. Therefore paper will examine the impact of stakeholders on various operations within Brookdale Hospital.

The Brooklade Hospital medical center has specialized in handling general medical issues as well as surgical cases. The mission statement for the New York-based hospital states that the Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center is committed to being the focus of a healthy community, stressing the organizations values of caring and respect for everyone (Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, 2017). The hospital strives to deliver quality healthcare, affordable healthcare, dignity, and respect all patients. The hospital has a keen interest in community welfare as it aims to adopt an integrated healthcare approach in handling the community.

The hospital has various stakeholders who can be identified through a comprehensive stakeholder analysis. Different stakeholders have different roles and also impact the hospital in different ways. Stakeholders can affect decisions, processes, and availability of resources among other relevant factors. The following table can be used to identify the various stakeholders of the hospital:

Your boss Shareholders Government

Senior executives Alliance partners Trades associations

Your Coworkers Suppliers The press

Your team Lenders Interest groups

Customers Analysts The public

Prospective customers Future recruits The community

Your family Key contributors Key advisors

The hospital has an executive leadership team that comprises of four executives. The president doubles as the CEO, the chief officer doubles as the SVP of academic affairs and the SVP patient care services also serves as the chief nursing officer. The fourth executive member is the general council. The hospital also has physicians who offer the technical expertise in handling patients. The customers of the hospital are patients who visit the facility to receive medical attention. In this case, the potential customers are a member of the public who will seek medical attention in future. It is also paramount to consider the fact that the individuals who intend to work at the hospital in future are also stakeholders. It has been established that the hospital invites volunteers in specific areas such as the family care centers, adult day care center, Schlang Pavilion, and Institute of nursing and rehabilitation center.

Stakeholders also include shareholders, suppliers, alliance partners, lenders, analysts and key contributors. The suppliers include the organizations or individuals who supply pharmaceutical products, chemicals and needles among other medical equipment. Alliance partners of the hospital include insurance companies and non-governmental organizations which partner to provide sponsorship for other hospital needs.

The executive leadership is responsible for making key decision that affects the existence and operations of the hospital. In matters concerning health and public health at large, the government is always an important stakeholder. Through the various government institutions, the government is always keen to ensure that hospitals operate as required by law. The community is another paramount stakeholder regardless of whether they visit the hospital or not. The existence of the hospital has either direct or indirect impacts on the community. Interest groups that are considered important stakeholders may include religious groups and other social organizations interested in health issues. The press is not always but must be recognized as a stakeholder.

In order of priority, the community is the most important stakeholder followed by the government. The first duty of the hospital is to serve the community which makes the community very important. To operate, the hospital requires government approval which makes the government important. At the third level of priority are the doctors who are responsible for handling medical cases at the hospital. This can never be possible without the fourth most important stakeholder who is the suppliers of medical equipment.

As indicated in the illustration above the influence and impact of various stakeholders vary regarding power and interest. An organization must be keen to satisfy stakeholders such as the government and the executive members of the hospital. Other stakeholders such as the doctors, nurses and other employees have to be managed closely to ensure that they deliver the mission and vision of the hospital. Stakeholders such as the volunteers and the sponsors are monitored but with little effort since their existence is a favor. Finally, the patients, community and the suppliers have a high interest which demands constant information from the hospital. All these stakeholders have different motivations which must be considered to ensure Maximum Corporation. The executive and the government are keen on missions vision and regulations. Doctors and nurses are motivated by remuneration and quality of the work environment. Volunteers and sponsors are motivated by the cooperation of the hospital. In most occasions, the suppliers are motivated by profits. Finally, the community and the patients are motivated by the quality of healthcare service.



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