Critical Thinking Example: Obesity Among American Children

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Critical thinking
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Obesity amongst children in America has become an epidemic. Recently, there have been several reports regarding an escalating rise in obesity incidences. Obesity is the health condition that is characterized by being overweight or fatty, then normal. Obsessed children are faced with the risk of contracting some chronic diseases, and psychological challenges which affect their ordinary life. Several types of research are underway to establish some of the practical approaches for preventing and managing the rising epidemic amongst children in America. The aim of the following research is to investigate the prevalence of obesity among the American children.

Conducting the research

The topic for this study is, determining the factors behind the prevalence of obesity among the children in the United State. This study needs to be conducted because there has been an increase in the number of obsessed children in the US and the condition lead to 34 death every hour. This research was conducted in a group of 5 people and various methods each member having a role to play, they include the use of questioners, interviewing, observation and researching on the articles. The participants included the parents, teachers, school-going children, pediatricians' and nutritionists.

Data analysis and Data interpretation

All the team members converged with their finding that they had gathered from the field regarding the investigation. The data analyzed included the articles on obesity, interview with the pediatricians' and nutritionists, together with the questionnaires filled by the school-going children and parents.

The information gathered during the study reveal s that lactating mother, especially those who abstained from breast feeding are causing danger to their infants. The pediatricians recommend that infants need to be breast fed at least for 6 months. It is revealed that instead of breast feeding their young ones, mothers in traduce them to food that is stubborn in increasing weight.

Secondly, in the questioner, it was clear that most of the American children are given food that is high in calorie instead of those ones that are high in fiber hence making them getting obsessed.

The research conducted in various articles alongside the findings from the interviews with the parents shows that children are less involved in the physical exercise instead they engage themselves in the less tiring activities such as playing video games, watching television and sleeping for longer hours.


During the research, I realized that obesity can be controlled if all the stake holders are involved; factors such as lack of breastfeeding the infant, poor nutrition, lack of exercise needs to be mitigated and education offered on the methods that can be applied to reduce the prevalence of the disease. Some of the limitations that we faced as a group while conducting this research include; hostile participants who refused to take part and instead used vulgar language to express their thoughts, lack of accuracy because the information gathered from the pediatricians and the nutritionists varied sometimes.

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