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A psychopath can be regarded as a sick mind or a suffering soul. Most of these individuals are considered to be violent criminals. It is a state of mental disorder in an individual which tends to cause him to be antisocial while together with another group of people, the individuals have extreme egocentricity and they do not learn from their experience. The society has a great role to play to reduce the violence that is caused by the psychopaths. All the societies need to deal with its misfits .Not all psychopaths should be considered as harmful some are beneficial.

The society is required to treat psychopaths with a little more patient as compared as to how they would treat a normal person. They should try and understand these individuals. It is because they cant help how they are as most of them it is never their wish to be in that condition. The criminal justice should not treat them worse as compared to other criminals but rather treat them equally despite them being biologically programmed to act the way they do. They should not be denied their human rights. Punishment should not be considered as the best strategy to deal with psychopaths. The criminal policy should be used to create or restore back their autonomy rather than reducing it. They should be incarcerated to help them perform better in the future and not because of what they have done in the past (Gray, Laing, & Noaks, 2013).

According to Jennifer Skeem (2001) the psychopaths should be isolated from other people by taking them to rehabilitation centers to ensure the safety of the people. While there they should be taught career and social skills. They should undergo therapy to help them change their behavior and help them quickly adjust to the society.

They should be encouraged and convinced on the need to change their behavior to be socially acceptable professions through rewards that motivate them. It will help them to be functioning members of the society.

The medical sector should install programs that can quickly help in the identification and management of psychopaths while they are still at an early stage. It is more realistic for the society to find ways of reducing the psychopaths dangerousness rather than finding a cure. The society is required to support research carried out concerning psychopaths. Those who pose little harm to the society should be differenced from those who stand a chance of causing a greater risk for recidivism or violence. According to Dr.Hare (1970) through a careful diagnosis of psychopathy according to psychopathy checklist and it will greatly help in the reduction of the risks that are associated with the decisions that are made by the criminal justice system.

The society should use the traditional methods as a form of therapy. These methods go beyond being a form of punishment for example decompression which normally aims at reforming the psychosocial in which the individual never had while young. The decompression model is based on the fact that psychopaths do not think nor respond to punishments in the same way as non-psychopaths and hence subjecting the individuals will not discourage them from their bad behavior. The society is required to take psychopathy as well as their brain pathology serious.

The skilled psychopaths should be helped to nurture those skills further. He can be helped to use his ruthlessness to a single-mindedly to help achieve his self-goals. They should be given a chance in various organizations rather than been regarded as incapable. Not all psychopaths should be considered as dangerous. Some of the psychopaths can make great CEOs. Psychopathy is a component of the human nature and component that is beyond the business world. Some of the psychopaths can play a great role in the promotion of the organization as these individuals tend to be confident, charismatic, fearless, focused and ruthless this is according to Dutton. These individuals are brilliant and are often more intelligent. They are never afraid to make decisions that are tough or even ask questions that a normal person will consider as uncomfortable. The society should encourage psychopaths to take up leadership roles. It is because leadership involves making up tough decisions and in the process, some people get hurt, and these individuals can easily get over it. The society should take good care of these people as they are very assertive and mostly focus on the positive. They rarely procrastinate, and even while subjected to the pressure they remain calm hence it's important in everyday life. They may play a great role to help in the survival of other species or humans during rough times. Preserving of the society at times requires a large amount of this that a person who is average may be afraid to think about (Patrick, 2006).

In conclusion, not all psychopaths cause damage to the society. Psychopathic tendencies should be spotted early enough as it results to more help being offered. The society should avoid giving punishments or consequences to the psychopaths as that will only make them be worse and not change their bad behavior. They should use positive enforcement to change their behavior and should always be rewarded for any small improvement that they make.


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