Arguments on Most Common Reasons That Women Seek Abortions Around the World

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Women are naturally programmed to be nurturer and abortion is something they do not like doing. In fact, if it were not for societal pressures women would not be taking part in abortion. The reason why women commit abortion is that they usually feel unwanted when they are with a child. Unwanted by their spouses, parents in the case of young women and the discrimination that comes with teen pregnancies. This paper is going to give priceless insights regarding why women take part in abortion.

Men That Are Not Ready To Be Fathers

The number one reason why women choose to abort their unborn babies is that their male spouses bail out and leave the burden of taking care of the baby to the woman. It is never solely about matters of finance like many people tend to think. Women happen to be very emotional beings, and during times of pregnancy, they need the presence of the ones who they love to support them morally (ESHRE Capri Workshop Group, 2017). When given this form of support they will feel that they can overcome anything in the world and that no financial obstacle can harm their baby. In essence, women do not want to feel that they are alone. In essence, women choose to go on with terminating their pregnancies when their partners get out of the picture.

Husbands That Do Not Want another Baby

It is also worth mentioning that there are instances where women commit abortion simply because their husbands did not want another baby in the family. This is a situation whereby woman and her man are not yet ready to have children yet, and she became pregnant unexpectedly. The reason why this takes place is due to cycle changes or because of failed contraceptive. When such happens the woman is bound to expect support from her husband; if such support is not forthcoming what happens is that the woman involved becomes discouraged and feels unwanted. The lack of support from the people within her inner circles; the husband most especially is the reason why abortions take place (Sumner, 2014).

Career Priorities

We are living in hard times where career women are glorified more in comparisons with stay at home moms. There is a lot of burden on women world over to be as metro and career oriented as possible. Sometimes women tend to end their pregnancies when they conceive at times when their career is just picking. It is usually very much of a challenge to succeed career-wise and to get jobs where good remuneration is the order of the day. No one has ever been promoted in her place of work while she is on maternity leave. It is for this very reason that some women have had to come to choose between having baby or protecting and developing their career. In many cases where this has taken place, most women have made a choice to choose their jobs; it is worth mentioning that these are very young women of age 16 to 30 (Cornell, 2016). Examples of careers that do not tolerate pregnant women include the military and myriad public offices.

Education Priorities

Save from matters of career women have been time and gin been denied learning opportunities while their male counterparts have thrived in education now and then. Many girls and women who made a choice to keep their pregnancies have missed out on lots of education opportunities for the simple reason that they were pregnant. Sometimes it is the women themselves that could not concentrate on their studies while in some cases it was the management and administrations of the schools they were in that could not stomach the fact that one of their students was pregnant. In fact, most students within schools that re found to be pregnant re seen to be as a bad example to the other students within the school.

Failure of Contraceptives

The producers of contraceptives on worldwide basis promise near 100% efficiency. Contraceptives range from Intra -Uterine devices, oral pills, and implants among other things. This way there are lots of choice women are a disposition to have. There are times women have chosen to bank on this only to get disappointed. Some choices of contraceptives such as Plan B have time and again been depended on only to let down users very badly. When every day pills or Plan B pills fail, women are usually on the losing ends with a child they had not planned to have. Such situations are usually very stressful for women and make them turn to the last resort which is usually abortion.

Failure of Coitus Interruptus Method

This method is also known as withdrawal method, and it is usually used by couples on a global level. The withdrawal method is usually dependent on the skill of the ones using the method. The truth of the method is no one can be an expert at the withdrawal method and even though it works sometimes; the rate of failure is also very high. Many couples that have used this method; even married ones can attest to the failure of the withdrawal method.

Hard Economic Times

The purchasing power parity of many populations on a global basis has suffered the brunt of challenging economic times. Pregnancy is sometimes much of a challenging situation when the couple involved have not yet gotten their finances right. Even though this is not valid enough a reason to get an abortion, many couples have found themselves making this hard choice. Couples living in households where only one of them is earning a living that is, the breadwinner usually experience lots of stress and do not have confidence that they would be able to accord the baby education, shelter, food, and clothes. This whole disposition puts lots of pressure on women to terminate their pregnancies (Brown, 2017).

Unforgiving Folks

Some parents are usually very strict and have a high expectation on their teenage girls. This pressure is usually based on the need for the girls to excel in their studies and later realize a good career. When such girls go out and get pregnant them especially their fathers; it is for this very reason that these young women make a choice to put an end to their pregnancies.

Modern Technology in Healthcare

Today there are very many options the can be used to put an end to pregnancy; this is unlike in the past where most processes of abortion come with an elevated risk of dying. Good medical care has been very helpful in making women have an abortion as one of their choices. In very olden days women had to ingest very crude substances so as to get rid of pregnancies; these were very detrimental to their health. But today the case is very different because women use pills and other developed procedures in medicine; with the help of medical doctors to get rid of their unborn children if they deem it befitting (Cornell, 2016).


In the same way, human adults have human rights; unborn babies should be granted these same rights. The issue of abortion raises lots of moral and legal questions which cannot be answered by the proponents of abortion. The downside of supporting abortion as a race is that it negates our civilization as a race and makes us contradictory. It is also worth noting that despite the fact that there have been many medical improvements in current times, many hospitals do not conduct the termination of pregnancies and for this reason, most women visit private clinics; here lot of underhand methods res used and are at times very risky for women. It is quite wrong for responsible female adults to resort to murder when they can simply take care of their babies through commitment together with hard work. Fear is the main proponent of abortion; women happen to fear on what they would feed the baby. We ought not defy our essence; people should be supportive of life be it when such life is full grown or when the life in question is within the confines of developmental stages.



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