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Community policing is a system of value which gives the police department permission to work cooperatively with both the private and public organizations, groups and individual citizens in identifying and resolving issues that affect the city as a whole, specific areas, and neighborhoods. For instance, this is the primary goal of forming community policing. On the other hand community policing is not a program but it is a system that is created to have a way of reaching citizens and organizations to cooperate as a way of eliminating the occurrence of crimes. Community policing has been initiated for some years now and regarded as the best. Regarding issues that need quick solution and prevention community policing is the best in that because with police alone it is not easy to address the crime and solve it with an immediate effect as it is required. In that regard, that is the main reason as to why community policing was formed and not just for granted. Nevertheless, the ideology and methodologies that community police use is to maintain and develop relationships with community organizations, schools, businesses, and citizens.

In that connection, the philosophy of community policing was established on the concept that individuals and officers would work together in a creative way to prevent and to solve the citys contemporary issues related to neighborhood life problems, physical or social disorder, fear of crime, and the crime itself. In such terms, it involves the police to take ownership areas where they patrol, and the citizens take care of the neighborhood where they live to ensure that security is of a high standard and avoid unnecessary chaos. Therefore, the primary aim of the philosophy of community policing is to take control of the area and prevent it from the occurrence of crimes. The team of Community policing is dedicated to work and help citizens of the local communities.

The dominant ideologies and methodology of community policing are to be committed to their work, educate the community on minimization of the crime, and bring the community together. Community policing ensures that there is good communication with the people around the society hence facilitating the first-hand accessibility information of the crimes from the society. Due to that, it is in a better position of forming Community Partnerships, Organizational Adaptation and Solving Problems Together. Thus, facilitating positive impacts on relationships between the community and police. Also, they use War on Drugs to ensure that there is gang prevention in place by enhancing Community outreach programs on which their goals are directed towards resolving conflicts among groups and get kids out of them.



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