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The role of adults in fostering inclusive play is significant. One professional practice I have experienced is being a teacher. Through the profession, one gets disabled children engaged in activities and environment available to all children like extra-curricular activities, non-academic, and the education curriculum (Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2014). Additionally, as a supervisor, during the inclusive play day, one gets to assist special needs children in different games and prevent their isolation (Wall, 2013).

An inclusive play could be more effective if comparative risk assessment was available. Parents, practitioners, and supervisors need to understand that risks are difficult to eliminate, but at best, managed (Sense, 2016). To promote health and safety, teachers should not restrain children with physical disabilities like difficulty standing or walking from engaging in various play activities. They should allow children to take the lead role during play (Sense, 2016). It will help them learn at their pace, enable them to express their ideas, and build their confidence through making choices regarding play activities. Hence, one can learn a childs likes and dislikes. To improve inclusive play positively, mainstream parents should communicate with their children on the importance of inclusive play, to help them overcome certain prejudice. During the play, parents should actively participate to avoid isolation of other children.

Inclusive play activities include the use of Resonance boards used to build up a childs self-awareness. Teachers introduce the child to the board before the desired toys like vibrating toys, spinning toys, and stringed beads as well as bells (Sense, 2016). As well, treasure boards, which contain objects like stars, football, and combs, can promote inclusive play. More so, memory baskets containing objects relating to an experience such as trophy or gifts promote inclusive play. As well, engaging the children in songs can promote engagement during inclusive play.

Becky Jenner the co-founder of Extra-time a charity organization holds that Preconceived ideas of disability and prejudice, especially from parents of non-disabled children if they have no experience of disability, can be a huge downfall (Wall, 2013). Families are encouraged to accept the inclusive environments through, regular holding of parent and teacher conference where mainstream parents interact with special need parents serves as a revelation. In addition, developmental programs comprises of parents from both sides. As a result, they help to come up with an inclusive play that favors both mainstream and special needs children.


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