Healthy People 2020: Determinants of Health and Vulnerable Populations

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Health begins from our place of residence to the community as a whole. Looking after ones health includes eating well, remaining active, getting the right medications and having periodic medical examinations, amongst others. Economic and social factors directly affect an individuals health (Jones, 2000). These determinants include the quality of education, security, clean water, and the manner in which people interact. Societal factors that affect health consist of the public, private, and social frameworks that make up individuals environments (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2014). The status that people live in explain significantly why some people are healthier than others (National Institutes of Health, 2010).

Healthy people 2020 outlines the criticality of responding to the social factors of health by suggesting the formation physical and social surroundings that encourage good health for everyone (National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, 2010). United States schemes and World Health Organizations (WHO) share the same vision with Healthy 2020 and are all working to accomplish a healthy world. Personal-standard determinants such as availability of health care, genetics, and health behaviours have a significant effect on health (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2014). Nonetheless, they cannot entirely elaborate on the sequences of disorders and health in societies and among societies (Wood Johnson Foundation, 2014). Currently, WHO report on the societal factors showed that the physical and social environments that people exist in influence the manner in which they live and their susceptibility to disorders and early demise (World Health Organization, 2017). In regards to social determinants, the accessibility to medical resources determines the health of people at large. Healthy 2020 are working to set up policies that positively affect the economic and social status and support the necessary personal behavioral changes that will enhance peoples health in the long run.



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