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The paper gives an insight on leadership in an organization after an interview with a Health Care Leader at the Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital.

Purposes of a leader

Leadership comes in with one having the mandate to direct activities of a team to achieve a shared objective. A leaders purpose for an organization like Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital would be bringing in change. In other terms bring in the difference in the organization quality, form or its state. The roles of leadership being to have companies survive and attain set goals or missions. It is the leaders' purpose to strive and generate critical enhancements in every facet of the organization. It could be inclusive of improving the firms' services or products, structure, marketing image and branding. Also, the firms strategic focus, customer relations, the authority decision making, its interactions with competitors and also power sharing.

A health care leader motives to an organization is to lead in promotion of ideas of what others implement. Leaders intend to assist staffs in seeing value in the work they do and thus have visions to conquer limitations that may be in their way of progress of the company. Leaders play the role to see the progressive developments in their companies. Whereby leaders identify primary elements of benefit to the survival of the company. It is also leaders task to recognize the organizational change needed and the kind of implementation changes to put through all for the wellbeing of the firm.

Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital is changing in response to meeting community, social, political, global and organizational needs. Whereby the leaders would respond and adapt to opportunities and challenges in the surroundings either internal or external. The change will only occur if the hospital anticipates to seeing change and development. Organizations as Methodist Le Bonheur hospital today link up with locals forming valuable interdependent relations to alleviate on the sustainability prospects of meeting all needs it could be global, socially or for the community. Leaders there as well are striving to bring some sense to challenging contexts for change thus guide to bring in better changes to the companies. According to research by Bogner a scholar the three essential tasks to bring in the sense would be by the implementation of quick making of decisions, developing cognitive diversity and conducting of experimental actions. With experimental activities, the organization would change by including knowledge of unknowable ex-ante and the unknowns through assessments and utilization of the data to conducting any future decisions. The Methodist Le Bonheur hospital has amended to meet all needs by recognition of the environment complexity. Its basis of justifications being it dramatically impacts the change for the hospital survival. Thus leaders in the hospital have seen the need to utilize the adaptive sense-making as it did focus on the procedures of success in environments that are hypercompetitive and not only put much emphasis on what's of the needs.

Ways organizations monitor community wellness

The community wellness of the hospital is monitored from a detailed organization examination on the directional strategy tools. The hospital owns a developed value system comprising of three aligned elements all for the motive of anticipating the community needs. Whereby initially any individual out of the hospital has their progress monitored to underline attributes on the visions of the hospital, its mission, and values. For instance, partnership can be tracked from the hospital mission, values, and vision. Alternatively, one can follow on significant problems of quality in the three segments. The community wellness is also examined through the Hospital mission and views revealing on non-profitability issues and the higher intentions of the organization as it foresees the needs of the community which is solely service to all. For the Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital, it does its monitoring by widely capturing the aspect of identity. Research by Sataoen notes that it's an organization task to create an identity. At a view of the hospital mission and vision, it's eventually clear that the organization works from a model of non-profit. However, it still shows commitment following the kind of quality and quantity service they offer all for the sake of meeting needs of the communities.

The organization is prepared to meet the community needs, as its central focus happens to be on service excellence, its quality, and the collaboration existence. It is this way that the hospital expects to meet the strategic objective of serving and reaching a significant population in the society. It's acknowledgeable that service delivery in organizations like Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital is dependent on standards stakeholders partner. The highlight is the essence of these collaborations being to provide for high-value care. The partnering will need the establishment of a memorandum of comprehension that has public, private, and non-governmental organizations brought in unison to make a precise definition on the cooperation modalities. The Hospital foresees the community needs by examination of cultures revolving within the Hospital qualities and cooperation thus making progress. Categorically the partnering framework revolves amidst the clients' satisfaction and withdrawal. The hospital does serve the patients' needs by following on the mission and vision of the organization that entails involvement of the community in the care execution as well as planning. Additionally, from the Hospital values, a balance is seen following the Hospital is a non-profit company. Despite that, it misses on one fact of putting pressure of raising the community funds all in the name of gaining the capacity to offer service to the people efficiently. It's from the extra finances that will improve quantity and quality care as expected at Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital.

Specific drivers of change

The health care leader identified specific drivers of change one being how the company faces technology solutions it turning into dividends needing was years back that the Hospital Technology solutions endured a companywide layoff and financial setback. Although earlier on, the organization business had alleviated and the company's staff had value to the upbeat kind of working environment. It's as a result of the economic downturn that hit the sector of high technology thus the hospital that was once prosperous had to switch to being in the mode of survivor for success. That brings in the purpose of the leader seeing off such changes. The leader reviewed that his task was to initiate change at all times not only when things go wrong but even when all is well. Arguing that it builds the foundation for the next growth level as change is imperative. It's the technology change development that resulted in the company's direction shift, the decisions, and practices. The resulting change in economy revamped its structure and staffing in the work environment following the leader change initiation to technology solutions. The leaders' purpose was to see off the attainment of goals of which the shift in technology solutions achieved it. As the Hospital established new groups to go onto markets. Initially, it had no targets on which are the public in the community. Within a short time following the technology solutions advancement that led to the transformation of the Hospital.

The other specific driver of change the leader identified is the type of management that goes beyond the turbulent environment and that shaped to an environment called vortical. The cause of vortcal surroundings to an organization like the Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital served to enhance hype competitiveness amongst other health facilities within. Since there will be quick amendments in ease of entry, technology, exit by rival companies and the ambiguity in clients demands. It creates the change in destruction of competencies which is a vital purpose of any leader. Environments of turbulence require leaders to encompass crucial tasks to senses making for change in the organization. Above all that, the Health Care Leader used the adaptive way of sense-making as it focuses on processes. Upon analysis, the leader found the need for many studies on theory building as in this era the management complexity can significantly affect the change of an organization. Of which it is the primary purpose of any leader to initiate on changes for the well-being of a company. Thus the need for such drivers like the hospital having a turbulent external surrounding as it's a key cause of change in procedures accompanying the management of the hospital.

Traditional leadership models

The traditional leadership models mostly used in the Methodist Le Bonheur hospital as stated by the health care leader include:

Collaborative leadership - is evidently used all throughout in the hospital to support and prepare the hospital for the change process. Whereby it involves much teamwork, a means to result in changes more so in the dynamic and turbulent environments. Efficiently using collective capabilities brings about changes and generates adaptive responses in environments of 21st century. The hospital has got into the era of combination of innovation and partnering termed as Wikinomics. Such collaboration invites the participation of persons away and in the hospital environs. The context goes to the extent of allowing leaders to get into researching, innovation, solving problems, and thereby result in developmental changes in the organization. The collaborative kind of leadership permits the hospital to expand and result in creation of new opportunities. Methodist Le Bonheur hospital extends to act globally creating a platform to deliver health services worldwide. Most studies have proven that collective capability embodies to teamwork thus accomplishes much to meet on the set mission and vision of the Hospital unlike when it acts on its own. Today health care leaders have the compulsion to integrate abilities of different individuals more so a non-profit entity like Melbourne Le Bonheur Hospital. All for the sake of preparing and supporting the change process in the organization.

Strategic leadership model-it is a model that has the aims, capabilities or vision and mission of the hospital changed to blossom in environments that are competitive and turbulent. As the health care leader put it their roles is to know the hospital environments and have a reflective picture of how it may look like in future probably 5 to 10 years. The leader had the role of coming up with a direction of what the future would be like, and every staff individuals who worked under the leaders had no choice but believe. All that is in support of seeing the change process come through. The model of strategic leadership goes along with teleological changes of the hospital. In that from this kind of leadership, the health care leader had the authority to amend and establish their goals a process referred as the social construction. For this type of process, it encompasses strategic analysis of goals to set more so in the 21st-century environments. The model has the leader assess the SWOT analysis of the hospital before the change process of implementation of new strategies. With time the leader notes of its advancement to dialectical change like partnering with joint ventures organizations. The health care leader indicates the use of this leadership in support of reform that needs participants being flexible, resilient and individuals with many ways of handling results from contradictory aims.

Concepts and practices of leading change

The change component for the health car...

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