The Relationship Between Safety and Quality

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Even though many healthcare facilities face challenges in improving quality due to a follow-up of poor procedures and poor leadership skill, quality improvement entails high reliability, patients safety, and safe culture. For instance, Jackson Memorial Hospital focuses on several ways of ensuring safety and constraining its nurses on working towards professional standards. Regarding Haque et al.s (2012) research, the only issue in the facility is that it has failed to make sure that MRSA infection is minimized in its hospital wards.

Ideas from the Reading Modules on Implementing Quality

In applying the concept of collective mindfulness, Haque et al. (2012, pg. 1645) found out that the facility has recorded an underperformance in the quality of service on the issue of MRSA infection. For that case, the facility applies high-reliability with the concept of collective mindfulness to the point that all workers take charge of any unsafe conditions before becoming a risk factor for patients or healthcare personnel. In addition, the facility applies extreme resilience to recognize any errors to prevent harm and to prevent small problems from mushrooming to more unsafe situations.

Leadership as a Receptor to Improving Methods of QualityRegarding Chassin and Loebs (2013), transformational leadership will enhance quality improvement since all the trustees, senior directors, physicians and nurses will be able to share a singular vision of eliminating the harms that might happen on patients if the quality of healthcare is not improved. Transformational leadership should be applied in the workplace since it will ensure that everyone is responsible for the quality improvement in the facility. There should be the provision of access to resources, QI researchers, and safety equipment.

Approaches to Quality Improvement and the Experience of Success of the Approaches

According to Gilmores (2017) research on clinical communities, the approaches used for improvement include a model for improvement abbreviated as MFI, which helps in identifying the aims and goals for improvement. Experience of the implementation encounters overexposed practices to the approach since it has lasted for over ten years. Another approach is an improvement over most of the healthcare performance processes to ensure that safety prevails in all healthcare approaches.

Description of the Quality Safety Issue as an Approach to Quality Improvement

Regarding Chassin & Loeb, (2013), the selected quality safety issue in this article is the ways of mitigating MRSA infection that dominates in the beddings and which is spread out by lack of proper hygiene through assessment of the current hospital performance in comparison with the principles of high reliability.

Another approach for improving quality is a follow-up of maturity model which leadership of the organization should reinforce to initiate the process of beginning, developing advancing and approaching as outlined by Chassin and Loebs (2013) article.


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