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John Sava is a 36-year old ex-military man who is in prison after he was found in possession of cocaine and other drugs. However, even though that was the charge was led to his imprisonment, John seems to have more problems surrounding his life than just being in prison. It is this issues and conflicts with Johns family that resulted in a decision to subject him to a psychological examination. This paper briefs the issues and conflicts surrounding Johns life, and the potential remedies that would help address the same.

Among John's issues is originating from a disharmonious family relationship. He has one daughter but he is apparently estranged from her. Joh doesnt have a family support and even his friendships are not vast, he is just a man who seems to be living in an isolated world. John is also a former cocaine addict and hasnt fully recovered from it. He often consumes alcohol whenever he cant find cocaine, and since his imprisonment, his situation has escalated. His service in the military seems to have done him more harm than good. Serving in the army seems to have made him develop a lot of stress, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, apparently after he survived several attacks including an IED attack. All these issues are compounded by his imprisonment, a situation that seems to have made him reflect more on his life. The reflection has also not been good. He has been on suicide watch and has been receiving treatments on several ailments, including drug addiction.

The above issues make Johns life conflicting. He is a man who should be looking out to be released from prison and join his family and resume the normal life. However, this doesnt look possible given his situation factors like distant relationships, estranged family and so on. Even though the prison authorities have done a lot to make Johns life normal, a little has been achieved. They no longer consider him a threat to his life or of others, but they claim he risks returning to his former lifestyle. It is this former lifestyle that can trigger such other psychological issues like contemplating suicide. On particular is his alcohol and cocaine addiction, with PTSD, he could easily make drugs his consolation technique. It is thus a massive concern for everyone that John may not be able to follow his goals of abandoning stress and returning to the normal lifestyle.

John is definitely willing to recover from drug abuse, but he is not certain on how to go about his estranged family or even friendship. He is thus a bit withdrawn from the prospects of using these two as part of his recovery efforts. However, there are other barriers which may not enable John to achieve his goals, other than few supportive family and friends, John faces few job prospects once he is released, and not feeling hopeful about his future after his freedom is guaranteed. In abstract, those are issues which can hinder Johns aim to achieve his goals.

Johns long term participation in drug recovery programs has not convinced him that they are enough to address his concern. And as such, he considers freedom, after his release from prison as a way of returning to his old ways. But there are more programs that can help John recover from drug abuse, and even rebuild his life from a hopeless one to a one with a hopeful future. First, he should be subjected to a program that focuses on addressing his cocaine addiction. His alcohol consumption and addiction should also be keenly monitored, and even subjected to treatment. A doctors examination revealed that he may be using alcohol as an escape product whenever he cannot access cocaine, meaning that should be on high alert. He also needed a treatment for PTSD, which is a result of all the issues and conflicts he is experiencing in his life. He also needs to be reunited with his family and even makes new, closer friendships. That can be achieved by attending AA or NA meetings, even though that should not be a substitute for treatment and other advanced remedies to his conditions.

Despite those remedies, there are other impediments to John achieving his goals. They include money which he had drained since he left the military, lack of support and even not having the permanent residence. It is thus imperative that John that Joh receives family support which will not just act as part of the remedy but will also act a key motivational factor which may accelerate his recovery. Should family and friends come in, he will also stand a chance to even receive financial support, an element which is apparently threatening his goals.

The examination revealed a mid-aged man facing a crisis no one would want, and worse highlighted some of the common issues which we face regularly, but do not address sufficiently. It offers a perfect study avenue to not only learn about these issues but also know how negative they can be to someones life.



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