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De Abreu, M. E., Laureano, R. M., Alwi, S. F. S., Da Silva, R. V., & Dionisio, P. (2015). Managing Volunteerism Behaviour: The drivers of donations practices in religious and secular organizations. Journal of General Management, 40(3), 39-54.

What new information did you take from this article?

The analysis of the article by De Abreu et al. (2014) reveals that it is essential for leadership that is based on accountability. Accountability from the evaluation of the article entails people taking up the responsibility to empower and positively impact the society. As such, from the evaluation of De Abreu et al. (2014), accountability on those of divine appointment denotes ensuring that they exercise Gods calling to influence the society positively. The robust nature of the need for volunteerism emanates from the religious scriptures such as Hebrew. Hebrew Scriptures emphasize the need for men and women to comprehend that the prospect of equality should prevail through an emphasis on care and kindness in the evaluation of volunteer work. Leadership as per the scriptures is through divine intervention that translates into developing of personal duty to the care of the fellow person.

What information did you take from the article that can be applied to your local church setting?

In the local church setting, De Abreu et al. (2014) indicate that it is important to emphasize the need for holistic involvement of the society in the charity process. Volunteerism should be spearheaded by everyone, especially the top leadership. Therefore, from the analysis of the article, there is an emphasis on the appreciation of the needs of the people as a way towards obtaining Gods blessings and developing a mutually beneficial environment.

What information did you find impractical for your local church setting?

The emphasis on religious giving through providing financial help is not practical to the local church setting. Finances should not be the basis of any form of volunteerism. Volunteerism should emanate from personal beliefs and competency in the positive influence of the societal environment. The evaluation of the article makes an emphasis on finances, which may be deemed impractical in the promotion of volunteerism (Berkley, 2007). Volunteerism should emanate from a personal belief and appreciation of promoting good and welfare of the people around. Without the development of an enabling environment where people are encouraged to exercise their behaviors and beliefs about voluntarism and care for the people, finance is impractical from the church perspective.

How did the article align with your textbook readings?

The article aligns with the textbook readings on the need for leadership intervention in the volunteerism process to transform the environment in which people live. Thus, the provision of the financial and administrative role of volunteerism in positively impacting the society is aligned with the textbook readings. In the textbook readings, there prevails the emphasis on administrative and divine leadership in spearheading volunteerism. Divine guidance plays a fundamental role in transforming the lives and believes of people about volunteerism (Berkley, 2007). The textbook readings make an emphasis on the top leadership influenced by teachings from the books of Timothy and Acts of Apostles on the need for care for the fellow man. Further, the article also establishes the need for using the bible as a basis towards volunteer work.

What information can apply to your ministry?

Information on volunteerism influenced by the scriptures applies to personal ministry. Personal ministry is reliant on establishing a Godly way towards positively impacting on the lives of the people. Through the focus on personal ministry that uses the scriptures, beneficial outcomes can prevail. The societal framework is reliant on ensuring that we establish an environment where harmony and appreciation of people prevails. The two readings emphasize the need for volunteerism that is based on the biblical teachings and ensuring that there are mutually beneficial outcomes.


Berkley, J. D. (Ed.). (2007). Leadership Handbook of management and administration. Grand Rapids MI. Baker Books.

De Abreu, M. E., Laureano, R. M., Alwi, S. F. S., Da Silva, R. V., & Dionisio, P. (2015). Managing Volunteerism Behaviour: The drivers of donations practices in religious and secular organizations. Journal of General Management, 40(3), 39-54.

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