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Texas Health Centre located in Texas in the United States provides comprehensive health care services to low class society. The health center started with the aim of helping the needy families within the Texas City who could not afford the insurance cover. According to McLaughlin & Kaluzny (2006), the health center offers comprehensive medical services, and charges depending on the family income and status. The health center works in close collaboration with HRSA, which grants fund to them in support of their operations and services. Over the years, Texas Health Centre has been growing as its management engages in a process that spots change and modifies its services to take advantage of the modification.

Currently, Texas Health Centre despite facing steep competition it is still among the leading Health centers in Texas that have the highest day organizational capacity required to handle the poor community living in Texas. The achievement by the Health Centre attributes to some factors that its management has been putting into place (McLaughlin & Kaluzny, 2006). The organizational culture of the Texas Health Centre is amongst the significant contributors to the progress it exhibits today. The staffs within the Hospitals always display a positive attitude which enables the Health center to go an extra mile, which results in a significant difference in making its future strategies. Also, Texas Health Centre capability, experience and knowledge of its workforce regarding recruitment, and training of volunteers and staffs contribute to its current progress status. The result is that the Texas Health Center delivers high-quality services that satisfy their customers need. The other contributing factor to the success of Texas Health Centre includes political influence. The Federal Law allows smooth learning of community-based organizations. Texas Health Centre also enjoys financial support from the American government channeled through the ministry of health.

Also, the Texas Health center would require implementing various factors, which would serve as a long-term strategy for sustainable and competitive progress. The most influential factors would include technology, as well as legal and economic factors. Under statutory factors, the most influential factor would involve changes in legislation. Tabibi et al. (2009) assert that the Health Centre requires putting strategies that will help in adjusting when changes of laws occur. Economic factors such as changes in interests and financial crisis can affect achieving goals of delivering high-quality services. Texas Health Centre need to put in place strategies that would help it to survive in case of economic crisis as fewer people would seek services due to financial constraints (Tabibi et al., 2009). Also, it is important for the Texas Health Centre to consider advancing technology since it would enhance its service delivering. Failure to adapt to technological change can result in losing its market share within the medical industry. Thus, adapting to technological change is essential since it would help in research and development activities within the Health Centre. Also, it can assist in lowering communication and service delivering costs.

The success of a health Centre depends in some factors mainly the environmental factors. Texas Health Centre progress depends on its cultural, organizational factors, human resource political influence as well as organizational structure. However, the Texas Health Centre needs to look at other factors that would help in long-term sustainability including economic factors, technology as well as legal factors.



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