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Most of the organizations are functioning in an environment that change is inevitable. Change that is affecting most of the organizations includes information systems, new technologies, international competitors, and partnerships, cultural and ethnic pluralism. Organizations that adapt to changes successfully and as well as discover new opportunities that are existing within their environment tend to make significant achievements. They view their working environment to be dynamic rather than turbulent. Environments that are turbulent tend to pose a substantial challenge when dealing with organizational change (Noumair & Shani, 2016).

Change within an organization is of great importance since it leads to vast improvements within the organizations which include the growth of the market image, products or services, strategic focus, decision-making process and as well as interaction with its competitors. According to Barr and Bogner (2000) leaders of an organization should strive towards implementation of important activities while dealing with organizational change. These activities are referred to as sense-making which include the development of cognitive diversity, taking actions that are experimental and having a rapid decision-making process.

Change leadership in a health organization is of great importance since it helps in the reduction of casualties to a limited set of factors. It entails narratives that are competing regarding the necessity, possibility of change and sufficiency. Change leadership is a health organization will help motivate the workers to continue giving quality services to the patients, teach lessons to the patients and also the physicians, and also enhance the building blocks for creativity and imagination (Hickman, 2009).

The North Shore Long- Island Jewish health system, changed its name to Northwell Health. It happened after eighteen years after a historic merger. The new name was supposed to be a reflection of their past and as well as a prediction of their future as it was supposed to inform the public about where the organization was going and who they are. It is a merger of twenty-one hospitals. Its headquarters are located at Great Neck York. Northwell is the most massive health organization in New York State this is according to the patient revenue that is received. The organization offers a full continuum of care through their rehabilitation programs, skilled nursing facilities, and urgent care and specialty services. The change of the name is one of the major changes that has happened within the organization. The leadership management had decided to change the name of the organization because it had proved that it was confusing the medical professionals, news media, the consumers and as well as their employees ("North Shore-LIJ to Change Name to Northwell Health | Northwell Health) .

The health organization recently has been working with consultants who deal with branding so as they can establish a new company name and brand platform. It has helped the organization since they have been able to get the relevant guidance and information to be able to get a quality name that will help communicate and maintain their focus on ensuring that the health of the people is maintained and they are not only treated when they are injured or when they are sick. The other factor that greatly helped the organization is the development of a communication program that is broad. The communication program was of great importance as it would help make the organization to be widely known both nationally and regionally. The goal of using the program was also meant to help create a good reputation amongst the medical professionals and even the public.

In conclusion, the leaders and members of an organization should raise several questions that should guide them in preparing themselves adequately on how to deal with a given change process and development. They should consider the relevant factors in their working environment that are essential for their survival and wellbeing.


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