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Being a health care management professional, my skills and experience is often put into test with regards to various issues that require decisions to be made. Just like in the just concluded project of Childhood Obesity, it is one of the projects that put me through an experience that I have never gone through before. Throughout the project I learnt to apply health care management principles in as far as the Childhood Obesity project is concerned. Childhood Obesity is a project that attends to 85 million people throughout the world, just like any other independent healthcare program it raises its revenues, it provides insurance, and it invests in pharmacies. The project relates to my career path in the sense that it entails the application of concepts of health care management.

The project was undertaken through a process which resulted in an outcome. The project was to ascertain the levels of Child Obesity cases as well as develop ways of addressing the issue through a process that seeks to achieve a predetermined outcome. The core objective of the project was to ascertain the new trends in the childhood obesity while looking at various ways in which various stakeholders have done in order to address the issue and the success that has been achieved as a result of the intervention. In as far as the whole scope of the project is concerned, I was set out to establish data and compare them with the available information so as to define evidence. I did found out that available information about childhood obesity has to do with a number of factors such as diet, lifestyle among others. I found the project to be highly relevant to my capstone and it enabled me to put my knowledge in healthcare management into practice while learning new experience by overcoming healthcare management challenges.

While undertaking the project, I faced a number of challenges that stem both individuals and groups. Among the challenges that I experienced as an individual in as far as the project is concerned, include; challenge in applying some of the concepts of health management such as fund management and allocation, and the handling of people in diverse cultural backgrounds. Among the challenges that arose from the group include; challenges of working with a team where there is disagreements as well as challenges of being able to coordinate group activities while ensuring that the objective is achieved. Traditionally, as a health care management expert, I learnt that challenges are part and parcel of the practice and it can only be handled if one is creative and innovative because the challenges are dynamic and they arise from diverse issues.

Maintenance of ethical principles is another area of concern which perhaps very important in as far as health care management is concerned. Throughout the project, ethical issues such as the management and use of individual information and the preservation of privacy enabled me to learn to respect and handle health information about individuals with a lot of care while ensuring that I maintain their privacy at all times for those individuals that do not want their health information to be released. Another lesson arose from integrity, at all levels of the project; it called for compliance with set standards without flouting any of them since all are important to the outcome of the project. Generally, the project was largely successful because it enabled me team and the group to apply healthcare management theory into practice.

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