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Productive groups should have good communication skills (Beebe & Masterson, 2014). I have finished my group communication competencies review, and it was a difficult task to mark each item, but it helped me to improve on my weakest areas. I found it extremely important to understand the group communication process, understand, respect and adapt to diverse group members, communicate openly and ethically, as well as using and interpreting non-verbal communication in any group communication. Additionally, developing clear team goals and following an organized group agenda is extremely important for a highly efficient group communication. I found it very important to listen properly and more efficiently to the other team members, manage and resolve conflicts, contribute to team discussions actively, plan and conduct effective group meetings, and as well use body language, gestures and eye contact correctly. It is also critical to ask and seek clarification of ideas, prepare and deliver effective oral reports or presentations, research and share ideas, use appropriate procedures for problem-solving and group decision-making and carry critical roles through asking questions, summarizing ideas and supporting other members.

It is somewhat important to influence members to change their behavior and attitude, intervene effectively to resolve group and member problems, demonstrate strong leadership skills along with motivating team members. Under this category I also had respect and adapt to the group norm, use appropriate words in the discussions, use assertiveness skills efficiently and confidently, as well as the utilization of the parliamentary procedures fairly and efficiently in the group meeting.

Competencies that I rated as not very important were to reduce nervousness when speaking in a group, developing effective interpersonal relationships within the group, use of visual aids as well as presentation software correctly, and provision of proper emotional support to the members. There was no competence that I rated under not at all relevant category, and thus each of them has some degree of positive contribution towards a highly productive group.

Ways to improve group communication competency

From the survey, group communication competence can be more efficient by the strategies discussed below. As a member of the team, I need to reduce nervousness when speaking so that I can deliver the information well and for all the members to get my point. I can do this through the preparation of the material I want to share, relaxing and having enough rest a night before (Beebe & Masterson, 2014). I also need to adopt effective questioning to clarify ideas. Note taking and summarizing ideas can help improve communication competency in a group.

The other skill to work on is the efficient and fair use of the parliamentary procedures in group meetings. Any meeting should be orderly, one item a time, and giving attention to all the perspectives. Every member should have a chance to give their input. Only one motion is to be on the floor at any period. A meeting needs full control to avoid any sidetracking.



Beebe, S. A., & Masterson, J. T. (2014). Communicating in small groups: Principles and practices. Pearson Higher Ed.


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