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With the modern age of technology, learners are expected to embrace various practices that indicate that they are up to date with digital media. I started looking forward to the successful accomplishment of the multimodal project tasks, to demonstrate my prowess and skills in the creation and use of slides and animations to communicate to the targeted audience. I agreed to work on the topic Plagiarism in Higher Education with the targeted audience being students who are pursuing higher learning in various institutions. With the increased availability of information in different media, cases of academic fraud and theft have become rampant. Some of these cases include: Copying and pasting content, paraphrasing original material without acknowledging the author, Copying results and Signing ones name on someones else work to assume ownership of content.

Major Strengths and Weakness

There is the need of eradicating these vices in the higher education sector to uphold the set standards. Such scenarios prompted me to focus on the creation of the persuasive presentation to convince the audience on the significance of shunning plagiarism practices through multimodal combinations. Throughout my multimodal presentation, I utilized my strengths in skills which included verbal and non-verbal techniques, the use of the script and my abilities in designing excellent slideshow. This included implementation of the procedures required to develop professional designs through the use of speaker notes, transitions and graphics to appeal to the audience. My weakness was the inability to include and videos which could have enhanced my multimodal project. I also limited the use of graphics in my presentation which might have been a hindrance to winning over the audience entirely.

Persuasive Techniques

I applied various persuasive techniques to ensure that the audience remains attentive and embrace the concepts or message I was delivering. I began by explaining the purpose of multimodal presentation which was on plagiarism in higher education.' The use of speaker notes was also another persuasive technique since it enabled me to maintain eye contact, ultimately improving my abilities to interact and engage with the audience. The use of the multimodal elements such as slideshow ensured that I achieved an efficient delivery of the intended message to the audience through the use of visual representations. I can contend that the persuasive techniques I employed in this multimodal presentation were efficient.

Focus on Specified Strengths and Weakness


Designing of the slideshow is one of the areas which depicted my strengths in the designing and creating a multimodal presentation on the Plagiarism in Higher Education. I kept my slideshow simple, precise and clear. For instance, I used short and few sentences in a paragraph, thus limiting the amount of information on each slide. This enhanced my ability to engage with the audience by ensuring the audience listens to what am saying as opposed to reading chunks of texts on otherwise many slides used. Throughout my multimodal project, I approximately used one slide per paragraph in my script. Any additional slides were utilized as the result of using specified sources that in intended for comprehensive discussions during my presentation. This technique improved my abilities in creating an appealing multimodal presentation.

Excellent verbal and non-verbal techniques are also some of the strengths which enhanced my abilities in creating an appealing multimodal project. Audio and colors are some of the rhetorical choices I applied in this task. For example, when using audios to explain my subject matter to the audience, I ensured that the sounds were loud and clear. The pronunciation of words was clear to ensure the message is understood, without aspects of ambiguity. I also applied different colors in the texts and background of the slides. For example, the background colors were pale blue as well as applying black to the textual graphics. I also used different colors for the headings and subheadings. For instance, I used red color to the subtitles. The use of various colors in the designing of the slides enhanced the readability of the information delivered via the slideshow.


According to my assessment, the multimodal project I designed was efficient, appealing and successful. This can be attributed to the skills and knowledge I applied during the process of developing the slides. However, I feel that some shortcomings manifested in my presentation that implied I have some weakness that I need to address. My failure to include adequate graphics (images and videos) in the slideshow might have adversely affected my multimodal project. The use of more pictures and videos would have ensured my audience is kept entertained, informed and attentive to my presentation. Instead of using these graphics, I predominantly used text which limited my ability to connect with the audience entirely. Excessive use of text throughout my multimodal project hindered the process of presentation. Instead of listening to the content, the audience was distracted through the reading of the texts on the slides.


This multimodal project on Plagiarism in Higher Education was an excellent opportunity for me to showcase my knowledge of the application of various multimodal elements. The use of slideshows and other persuasive techniques was appropriate in this project. However, as a way of improving my project, I will need to use more graphics such as images and videos when designing the multimodal presentation. This will significantly improve the quality of my project.


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