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Head start is a program which provides comprehensive education, health and nutrition to children from low incoming families. This program also promotes parental involvement in the children lives. I was very eager to go to a head start program to learn about the activities that take place and also interact with the children. The school had children aged between three and five years. It was opened at 9:00 am which I felt was good timing because it was not too early for the children. The children wrote their name on arrival which I felt was a good training for them to learn to be accountable and responsible. The children had a nutritious breakfast which included milk, peanut butter and half a bugle. I was impressed at how all the kids opened their packets of milk it was a great way to teach them responsibility.

The school was made up of ten students and only 3 of them were whites the rest were whites. There were six girls and 4 boys. I felt the population structure was good because the children could learn how to interact with other kids from other races because I learnt that the children could speak a mixture of Hispanic and Spanish which was good. Also it is great for children to interact and learn to live with children of the other sex. I was impressed by how the kids were responsible because they cleaned after themselves brushed their teeth and washed their hands.

The kids then gathered together each child with their mat and they all sat. It was amazing to see such little kids follow simple rules like raising hands to answer questions instead of shouting out answers. The educators were amazing they taught the kids in a very friendly way. For example they taught the children that they cannot bring their pets to school and taught them things like keep safe and be kind. The kids were also taught about family and told the fun things that families do together like eating together, praying together and celebrating birthdays. When the children were asked were asked who loved them most I was overjoyed when they all answered in unison that their mothers and fathers loved them most. It was amazing they knew the role and importance of the family (Westbrook, 2012). It was really impressive how after that the kids could make a straight line and take a doughnut each as they went to the playground. It was a good time for the kids to play. They played for 50 minutes then they came back for lunch. The lunch was delicious and nutritious at the same time.

The kids were taught how to say thank you and coughing while holding their mouths. It was so sweet to see small kids who were very courteous. Finally after lunch the children went to activities like painting. It was so touching to see these small kids struggle to paint and return safely the materials after they were done painting. The kids went for a nap and finally at 2:00 pm the great day was over as they were picked up.

One child was sad throughout the day and did not participate in the games and did not answer any question. This was really disturbing and I think the staff should be involved at a personal level with each child and learn what each child is going through and how they can help them. The staff at the head start program was really helpfully. They were friendly and understanding and the children loved them. Their level of hygiene was good hence the health of the kids was not at risk. They taught the children on how to be responsible and courteous. However I think the staff could do better by being involved at a personal level with each child and learn what each child is going through and how they can help them (Westbrook, 2012).

The experience at the head start program was amazing. The way the children interacted with each other was great. The workers at the place were very friendly, jovial and understanding. The place was really lively. The place offered nutritious food to the children and hence preventing malnutrition. The program ensured that children from low income families are well taken care of. The program enhanced both physical and emotional well being of the children as well as support good social ties between the parents and their children. (Bulotsky-Shearer, Fantuzzo & McDermott, 2008)I would really like to work in the program and help the kids. It was a lovely experience with the lively kids.


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